Unexpected Turns Bring Great New Opportunities, Really
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Surendra Shakya
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Usually I respond to the news of the day that elicits a response from me to share on my blog. This morning I already had an idea from the news yesterday. But then I opened my email and I had to change my mind. I will tell you what happened.

When I opened my email, I was thinking about writing about the Buddha controversy between the Indian and the Nepal government. I was also happy to see that a very close friend from the Philippines, a US citizen now, from my graduate studies days in Texas has opened a non-profit to help children. But the one that changed my mind was the one from Prince Harry. He has been a hero for me after I saw him helping in Nepal to build a school after the earthquake. Meghan’s inspiring story from her childhood has been a part of my motivational presentation all along. This couple is an example for all celebrities.

After I liked some pictures of Harry and Meghan Markle on Instagram, I thought I would send some T-shirts to Harry as a gift on his birthday on September 15. So, I mentioned it to him in our email correspondence. He agreed but he threw in a catch. He wanted me to send them to an orphanage in Nigeria and gave me the contact’s name and number.

I thought about it for a while and had a really big smile. What an opportunity to turn around Nepal’s image!!! You see, I am quite pained by the things happening here. When I first returned in 2007 and saw some beautiful trash bins in the main streets of Hetauda I was quite pleased until I learned that they were funded by some foreign organization. I thought, “Have we Nepalis now reached such a low state that foreigners have to tell us there is mucus running down our nose and give us the handkerchief to clean it?” Have we fallen to that level of destitution?

When I read of Nepalis going to work as servants all over the world, and cleaning toilets in Gulf countries, I thought “We have the potential to be the master of the world and make everyone else come to Nepal to work as our servants.” That is why I have been working with children to change the face of Nepal by developing an attitude of a giver, a donor, not a beggar, and a receiver. Until now, we have been accepting international volunteers to come work with us and then changed their lives and outlook, but a new chapter will open now.

After reading the email, I realized that we have a whole month to get some clothes to that orphanage so why not share the news, and then we as Nepalis help the children in Nigeria? Well. I have contacted a couple of school buddies in Europe and the USA, and now I am penning this blog post. Tomorrow morning, I will have a special meditation session to seek guidance. I have told this to Harry, so we shall see what result we will get on September 15.

See, too often the only thing we think of is what we can get. True, Nepal is a poor country and there are thousands of children who need care. I know and that is my project too. I have been working since 2009 on it and the next phase is including all helpless living beings. I have told about the Divine Love Abode to be established in a rural area in Nepal. This opportunity to help children in Nigeria is just god sent. It will help us start thinking of being donors, givers, and helpers. Only when we start installing that mindset in our mind program, then we will start manifesting being masters. This is how the universe works.  Have a big heart and open your palms, spread love, we will be blessed with all our needs.

So, now I am sharing this with Nepalis who read this and offer a unique opportunity to get involved in this small project. Let us raise some funds, maybe $10 each, and spread the message. Let us give it 15 days, and then we can use the fund to order some new T-shirts and FedEx to Nigeria with love from NEPALIS from wherever they are. This is now my focus for this month. So if you feel my drift, we can all help in a little way to achieve a big impact. I have raised funds in the past through my alumni body in the US, which is tax-deductible. Here is the link. When you get to that page, just choose EduVision Foundation as the recipient.  On August 15, we shall see the amount raised and calculate how many T-shirts we can purchase. If you want to give a T-shirt, it will be $20 on average. Well, when the world is consumed with bad news, why not bring some genuine happiness to some children? They are God to me. Yes, children are God because they are pure and full of joy. The return you will get for this small act will be immense.

If you feel even more adventurous, you can even start a gofundme page on your own and get in touch with me. If you light a candle in your heart, it can help remove the darkness engulfing the world. Thanks for your kindness

Surendra Shakya
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I have received information from the orphanage in Nigeria supported by the British Royals. They have 5 branches with 10,000 children. 40 of them share their birthday with Harry. so we need to send them 40 Tshirts. I am sending 3 that I had meant for Harry to the orphanage according to his wish. If any of you are interested, that would be a great step on your part. I told Harry that this is our gratitude to him for his visit and help in building a school in Nepal after the earthquake. If you feel the same way, you can contact me. I will write another blog next month with the process and the result of this effort. Be blessed and safe.
Surendra Shakya
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Two Nepalese have come forth. One in the UK has offered to ship the package to the orphanage, and one in OK, US has offered to sponsor 2 Tshirts. Any views from you about this validity of this task?
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Very positive news....Good luck on the venture.
Surendra Shakya
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Thanks, it will be interesting to gauze Nepali's attitude. I will be pleasantly surprised if they demonstrate anything but poverty.
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