To Sajha admin
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Just wondering what is your website policy on racial discrimination. Your platform is being misused by certain racial discrimination like:
सबै बाहुन लाई मार्नु पर्छ, बाँकी हरु लाई बाहुन को मासु को मम बनाएर खुवाउनु पर्छ, अनी जान्छ छुव छुत। RIP बाहुन।
Please give your view as you are the administrator of this platform.

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I have been awaiting to hear from Sajha Admin, the real sajha.Admin, Not a an asshole B* who pretends to be a moderator.
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Please be advised that any incitement of violence is not welcome in sajha and the aforementioned comment has been removed. Thank you for keeping sajha clean.
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Thank you Admin.

Did a great job on deleting the comment but it took two-weeks to act on.

Do you know how the the thread creator and who wrote the comment answer it.

No one accepted it as VOILENCE.
Because no single sajha visitor able to say it was wrong. Silence is acceptance, we Neplease has saying on it "मौनम स्विक्रित्म लक्षणम".
 You ( Sajha members) did not have guts to point on it. Image result for Shame on You
. You are here either to  troll or  beat your moronic egoistic drums. 

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logan daaju, hajur ko laagi mathi ko link lay kehi sahayog purauthyo ki bhanera, anyatha nalinu holaa. ma mula bahunn haru pidit hunn bhannay soch rakhnay manchay lai brahman hatya garna khojeko aarop lagaaunu bhaeko maa hajur ko tarkik sakti ko ghor bhatsarna gardai hajur lai maata saraswati lay bibek pani diun bhannay prathanaa gardachhu.
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Logan seems to be a know-all, anti-hindu, anti-brahmin racist guy who promotes violence. he hates Trump but i dont see any difference between him and Trump.
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KK bro: I am flatted by your comparison. You did not see violence on " killing bahun"? I did and I raised my voice.
If you do not see it violence then have a family conversation and see if they agree with your opinion.
Last edited: 11-Aug-20 03:00 PM
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To Sajha admin again,
Thank you for your action.
In the future, I would appreciate if you could take this action of removing or deleting an offensive comment as soon as it is posted in Sajha, not when after someone reports it.
Last edited: 11-Aug-20 10:27 PM
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