2 jobs( contract and FT simultaneously)
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Sajha keto
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Anyone here working on 2 projects (2 different companies at the same time)? I have been working with a company as a full time employee and just got another contract offer. There is no conflicts and my FT Job is a bit chill for rest of the year. Only issue that I can see is the conflicts in meetings but I am hoping that it won't happen occasionally.
Do you guys see any issues? Both the roles are Sr/lead developer. I know I might have to put a bit extra effort initially to balance. Both are remote role for at least another 6 months and if it's not going to work out,I can always quit the contractor role
Thanks 😊

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If gross is 200 net would be 144. Good money, worth a try . 12 k a month would give you a decent life , of course bonus on top. If I was you I would give a try .
Sajha keto
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Thanks. It's also money but not just money. I had a contract role earlier which used to pay way more than what I make currently but I choose stability and tech stack so accepted my current role.
So, money is definitely a factor but should not only the factor, is what I think but I know it may not be applicable for everyone

Gross would be way more than 200(It would be 265K to be precise) if I do both together and I have a decent paying job currently so not just running after money(again it's one of the factor but not everything for me). But, You know you would get more exposure, know more people and get more ideas on different things that you do on day to day work
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Yeah, if it is way above 200k, that probably means more than 300k. Worth all the risks. "Get rich or die trying " (Curtis "50 cents" Jackson)
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If you can go for it. When time comes to quit, do not hesitate.
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Ok In my case I referred that gig to this guy who was recently laid off from work and he got the job. :)
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That is really nice of you sql server. But remember each to his own. There is always risk and reward. Sajha keto is taking a risk, a calculated risk and if all goes well he will be well rewarded. And i don't buy that he is not doing it for money, if he really wanted exposure, meet new people, he could have volunteered.
Sajha keto
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LOL Chicagoan. you again misquote / misunderstood what I am saying. I do have value the money. It's also a factor that I wanted another contract role (obviously I can't just do a free work) but what I was saying is that money is not the only factor I am thinking of doing both
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I see. My best wishes, Sajha Keto.
Sajha keto
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SQL: I don't know anyone who got laid off who doesn't have immigration thing (I know a guy whose project got over but is in H1B and client is not ok with that). I have a friend who wanted to make a change so referred him initially but he could not make it (he works on traditional tech stack and they are looking for current stack: AWS/JAVA/Python/Node/Angular or React) so I presented myself and it went thru(not saying मपाइ, it just matched with the tech stack what I have been doing since last 1.5 years)
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Also, you make sure that both companies' employee handbook waive off moon-lighting working as a full-time employee in both companies parallel, otherwise, you may face consequences from both companies and may end up losing both jobs.

If you work in 1099, then you should be fine one of the companies or both companies. However, you need to disclose both companies and well inform them in writing to the HR/immediate manager before jumping to another boat.
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Quit both jobs. Find new job that pays equivalent to two jobs.
Consequently, Time saveD. Learn new things. Don’t waste time in Sajha.
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I’ve seen some people do it but too risky for me and even though I had a similar offer I declined ! Need some time for family as well , money is not everything !
Sajha keto
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Thanks everest for bring your thoughts from different angle. I will have to decide by Monday, after seeing some comments here, might decide not to accept. @Deepocean bro: I think I am already almost on the peak of what they offer currently for my position in this location so getting knowledge of something else and quitting for better does not makes sense for me at this time. Anyway, thanks for your advice @Frustu bro: Good to know about you. Agreed on money is not everything. हो नि ब्रो we also need family time as well so normally I go out for hiking/biking with my family in weekend

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My previous employer used to fire employee, if they find they are doing second job or even 1099 with out written consent. It was baked into their employees rules of behavior.

For my current employer, we need consult with HR before taking second job. Saying that I have seem, mostly Indian taking 2 full time jobs on and off and lot of americans do 1099 or consulting through their registered company.

In summary, it's hard to justify commitment when you have two full time job, specially when you work remote. It's definitely not illegal, but might breach some company policy. If you want to do it, I would recommend to work on 1099 and timing fexiability written out in job offer, so that you can cover your base if something goes bad.

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To the OP:

Response to your “It was further claiming that IT still does not have enough supply per demands due to restrictions in visas” verbiage. 👇🏼

“Tech Companies Want You to Believe America Has a Skills Gap

But what they really want is a steady supply of cheap, dependent IT workers.”

Sajha keto
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Thank you everyone for your input. I have decided to declined the contract offer after indirectly checking with my HR. I was told that I can't work to someone else at the same time which I have committed for my employer. If I want, I may work after regular office hours if there is no conflict of interest
@sql: I see what you mean but would not be applicable in my case. As I mentioned, I referred one of my friend and he has been working with one of the renowned org and still did not get selected due to the lack of current market's trending tech stack though he is excellent resource and learning new thing and working on it is nothing for him. Most of the companies who hires contractor expects you to pick up the things quickly unlike permanent role where you would be given sometime to learn
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Sajha Keto, i have to say i am disappointed. I was hoping you will not chicken out. Of course the HR will not say do that job also while you are working for us (directly or indirectly). Even before you asked the question, i am sure you knew it was a conflict of interest and unethical. Also, since you did not find anyone who was qualified to take the second job (even your highly qualified friend was not selected) you should have taken it. Now that job will remain vacant for a long time and that is such a waste.
Sajha keto
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Sorry to disappoint you. I don't think it will remain vacant for a long time as they would immediately try to find out someone else. The door is not close for me, though I declined this, I can still find new contract position and work when I feel to do so. Probably it would be a bit better if they are in two different timezones like East coast and west.
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I definitely do not do that. You are literally betraying your current employers. FT means they own your 8 hours a day and you are not allowed to do anything except work for them. You are lucky your FT job is chill but most of the employers whom I know strictly do not allow it. If you work on contract job after hours then there won't be any problem as long as there is no conflict of interests.

I also do not do that from family and personal perspective. I do not live for weekends only. Remember the quote "if you celebrate Friday too much, it might be a sign you need to change what you are doing Monday through Thursday". Before 9AM and after 5PM it is my family time and I do not compromise for anyone. No amount of money will sufficient for you and that is the fact. Unless you have huge debt I would stay away from that habit. Even though your job is chill but you still have to sit in front of computer during that specified amount of time.

Most of the people whom I know who retired regret spending not enough time with loved ones. They never regretted "oh, I could have make 50% more money if I work for this company or do double job". This is just 2 cents but ultimately it is your life and your choices.
Sajha keto
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ओहो साझामित्र के छ? राम्रो बिचार राख्नु भएकोमा धन्यवाद मैले पनि यो सबै कुरा बिचार गरेर नै अर्को काम नगर्ने निर्णय गरे। खान लाउन खाँचो छैन। अलिअली बचाएकै छ, मरिलानु के छ र हैन? अनी मेरो जब अहिले मात्रै अलिक चिल भएको। अलिक अघी सम्म त मारामार थियो सो त्यस्तो मारामार मा त सबै कुरा राम्ररी नै ब्यबस्थापन गरियो भने अर्को काम गर्दा नि फरक पर्दैन भनेर यसो LinkedIn मा recruiter लाई रेस्पोन्स गरेको (First referred a friend) टाक्क टुक्क भएहाल्यो अनी के गरौ त अरुको नि कुरा बुझौ भनेर यता post गरेको so that others can also take a reference of this thread in future if needed
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