Why Biden 2020
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There are too many arguments for and against Trump but we need to have discussions about both candidates. So I am giving this platform for any pro Biden people who thinks that their candidate is better without insulting Trump or Trump voters. Look forward to hearing decent arguments.
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Remember guys this thread is only about Biden. For me, it all comes down to he is mentally unfit.
Keyser Söze
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अर्को मेरो लागि 100 × मेन्टली अनफिट छ।
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I wanted to know if there is something that people would get excited to vote for Biden. Its okay to vote one just to defeat others, I understand.
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There were much better candidate than Biden in terms of smartness, age, speech etc but Biden will bring in more independent voters and never Trumpers on his side in places like Arizona and even in Texas and other battlegrounds. He has extensive background as Senator, VP and all. But no. 1 goal is to defeat Trump and his cronies and enablers. I would have picked John Kasich over Hillary but Rest In Peace Republicans, this has became party of Gym Jordan and Matt Gaetz and other lunatics led by their dear leader & daddy Trump.
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So he can defeat Trump. Okay.
Anyone else have actualiy positive about Biden?
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Let's preface this question with who is a better politician Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? I think Hillary Clinton is a much better politician than Joe Biden. If Hillary Clinton could not beat Donald Trump, it begs the questions how would Joe Biden be able to beat Trump? Specially when Joe Biden is not even able to formulate sentences together and with antics with smelling young girl hairs and touchy feely habit.
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Hillary is past and I want to focus solely on why Biden is good? I heard a lot about Trump so wanted to hear more about other candidate.

I understand your point though he is losing mental ability, cannot beat Trump, and creepy.
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Since he is the only candidate left, also he will bring VP candidate from people of color which is very helpfull in current situation. 90% sure its gonna be kamala harris. This will bring lot of votes. He has already served with obama so that gives him chance to bring his experience back. Its also inside job that bernie drop his race.
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Biden himself said we can only reelect donald trump
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One of the biggest thing that most people do not know is that Biden ran for president in 1988 and 2008 but due to his plagiarized speech he did not do too well.

Keyser Söze
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prem kumar
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Joe Biden is mentally unfit which is 100% true. He has no agenda and like everyone is saying here: he is MIA. He has been hiding and Leftist media (98% of the media) are working against Trump and hiding Biden’s Racist past & his Corruptions
Biden Racist & lying past:
- You ain't black if you are not voting for Biden
-I dont want my kids grown up in a Racial Jungle
-you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent
-passed a Crime bill that put more blacks in Jail
-Lied his academics
-Corruption scandal in Ukraine & China
-Part of Coup to stop duly elected President in 2016

Joe Biden is a Pedophile I am sure- check all his videos
list goes on.....
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