नो ट्रम्प २०२०
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२०१६ साल मा जुन गल्ती भो जसकारण संसार नै रणभुल्ला मा पर्यो, त्यों गल्ती कदापि दोराउन दिनु हुदैन ।
We, intelligent people, let’s stop ✋ the morons to get away with our next 4 years.
Say No to bad leader.
Let moron talks shit about their shady leader.
Let’s vote to vote out D Trump.
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Keyser I like you but you get lost with your logic.

Let's say you are diagnosed with cancer. That does not mean you directly go commit suicide and die because you are going to die.

According to your logic you would go commit suicide if you have cancer. But what I am saying is let's say you discovered you have cancer then you should try to figure out everything possible about cancer and try to make the best out of the rest of the days you are alive, who knows maybe you will discover an unknown cure that is not yet publicized and cure yourself.

Don't lose hope but don't be blind.
Keyser Söze
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Let's keep the topic on how u r putting $$ in Corps who u think are evils and still using their products.
By you logic there is a cure for cancer may for 10$ and you think big Pharma must be trying to hide it. But u would research about is and find truth using ur truth goggles. Poor Steve Jobs didn't think of that with all the money he had and you weren't there to advices him so.
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I need translation when discussing with you. Anyone understand what Keyser Soze is talking about???
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"May karma find you all." Stacey Nagy.

"Family members believe David's death was needless," she wrote. "They blame his death and the deaths of all other innocent people on Trump, (Texas Gov. Greg) Abbott and all of the other politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously and were more concerned with their popularity and votes than lives."
butternut squash
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Keyser did not study ESL suitably...
Keyser Söze
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@butternut arent u the one who entered in student visa and maintaining status using TPS yet u have issue with diversity visa and TPS.
butternut squash
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Yes u are right .. I came here in f1 status .. studied hard from cheap ass university ... went through many hurdles to get a greencard .. yes I did that on my own ... you might be going through my old post in sajha .. yes i did raise those on behalf of someone .. but dude don’t think u will find dharmatma here... all of them are one of a kind .. Yasto platform ma aauney bhaneko लिडें र पिंडे haru matra hoon ... including me ...
Keyser Söze
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Oh i am so touched by your struggles and hurdles. Rest of us had been given life in sliver platter.
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When faced with any kind of question by anyone, instead of sticking to matter at hand, Keyser solze goes back to their old posts to find faults with them. narayana narayena basudev. Santaan thari thari.
Keyser Söze
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What makes you think BUTTER Boy is here to talk Dems, democracy or repub?
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Butternut squash rightfully responded to my query regarding your repetitive incohesive blabbering because he was apparently able to perceive your lack of making sense.

Faced with perceived threat you stooped to dig his past to berate belittle him regarding his previous posts pertaining to his life.

It's honorable of him to not try to do the same and ask you how you did with your gold investment in 2012 or how did your experience go in going to Nepal on your naturalized citizenship spending as little as possible on visa to marry a girl from there and how long it took for you to be able to bring her back to US, and whether you were able to get a cheap mac book pro that you were looking for. It's honorable of him to not point out that the common theme in your life seems to be 'cheap'.
Keyser Söze
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Maybe you should give long thought on own postings as well. Sometimes u say dems are bad, then you say both are corrupted and then you say dems are more corrupted. And when present with facts numbers you deny it saying its baised Dems owned news comparisons ignoring the convictions and penalties by judges. And your conspiracy theory of toxic food and evil Corps.
FYI Butterboy hatred towards DV lottery, Tps and begging for merit based makes easy to distinguish his background...duh!!
Also FYI i don't need to berate him..he already did himself posting this "Yasto platform ma aauney bhaneko लिडें र पिंडे haru matra hoon ... including me"
It means also you!! But u won't accept that i know
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“ But u won't accept that i know”
Your problem is you think you know everything and you make up your own reality and live in your own assumptions. Enjoy your life bud
butternut squash
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Lmfao ...... it’s not he won’t .. he will never accept that I know .
Keyser Söze
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लिडें beware र पिंडे butterboy...he already you accept that?
Last edited: 05-Aug-20 05:21 PM
butternut squash
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Ho ho keyser ma lidey nai hoon. I ain’t bakamfusey like u
Keyser Söze
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Are u sure about that? Already लिडें puts you in close proximitybecoming bakamfusey
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From the little interaction we have had, what is clear is that you don’t have much content, but you do have a lot if time so you can enjoy your perceived victory of having the last word 🤣
butternut squash
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Keyser is the one who crossed the alaxandro border and got lucky to file tps . Currently he is waiting for temporary status to be permanent which is next to impossibility. He thinks that miracle is going to happen . Bichara....  
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mero bicharma rastrapati ferinu parcha bhannu ko dherai karan cha.
No 1 karan -
malai biden ko barema khasai dherai jankari chaina..khasak khusuk pedo ho bhanera kta harule (dherai jaso trump ba ko supporter) bhaneko paaye.
hunata hamro Nas bro ni biden jastai kapal(ka ko bhanne kura bujnu bho hola) sungna jaile nai tatpar nai rahanu huncha. Yedapi sajha ka sabai saathi harule NAS bro lai man parauchan because we all know Nas bro ko man sarai ramro cha, soch, kura ali dherai nai chada bhaye ni.
Yedi voting garne ho bhane Nas bro nirbirod jitnu hunecha.

By referring Nas bro positive attitude and calmness, we should be positive about Biden too and vote out Trump ba.

- Trump ba le yetro 4 barsa ma k GARNU BHO ra k GARNU BHAYENA?
yo kura ramraree bisleshan garna dherai jaroori cha.

- Ma chai trump ba lai vote out garna yes karan chahanchu ki Leader
'bhayera ni responsibility bata panchera lakhau janta marda ni AGRESSIVE attitude ani EGO
lai kum garna saknu bhayena.
mancheko jeevan bhanda dherai mahatopurna kura kehi hudaina
manche marchan, marirahako chan - "IT IS WHAT IT IS" should not be response from a leader.

-Like size, experience does matter too. biden vice president bhaisakeko manche. He knows about the SYSTEM. and that's a huge plus point.

aru ni karan haru ta thiye..ahile sarai busy - pachi aafno tarka haru thapamla.
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