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२०१६ मा निसंदेह ट्रंप बाबा मेरो क्यान्डीडेट नम्बर वान हुनु हुन्थ्यो ( आफ्टर डाक्टर र्यान्ड पल ड्रप आउट ) ! येस्पाली म अलिक धरापमा छु ! बाबाको "एफ वान" बिद्यार्थीहरु प्रतिको नाइन्साफ़िले मलाइ अलिक आघात पुर्याउन भाको छ ! इमिग्रेसन र इमिग्रयांट प्रतिको मेरो धराना खुलस्त छ ! बोर्डर क्रस गरेर इल्लिगल्ली आउन रोक लगाउन पर्छ ! तर जो याँहा इलिगल्ली बसेका छन् अनि उन्हाहरुले कुनै क्राइम गरेका छैन भने उँहाहरुलाइ गरि खाने मौका दिन पर्छ !

म त्यो "पेड़ो" बाइदेनलाइ त् मरी गए भोट हाल्दिन ! तेस्लाई हराउन भए नी बाबालाइ भोट हाल्न पर्ने नौबत आउँन सक्छ वा कुनै इन्दिपेनडेन्ट वा कन्सटिटिउसनल वा ग्रिन पार्टीको अजेण्डा हेरी भोट हाल्ने सोचमा छु !

याँहाहरुको के राय छ हजुर ? 🙏

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BE bro : you are not aware as well your receptors in you brain are not working normally. As you know our brain works as a computer Hard drive. You read something it will restore in some cell. Later you read similar thing is different has used different logic which sound more to the accuracy. It would save next to your last saved memory. Later you will try to analyze between the past and later saved information.
But in  your and Redneck-Dickhead's brain saves very far like galaxy. When you talk on similar issue, you brain is not processing it logically  because similar information were not saved side by side and never retrieved. 

It is not your problem your DNA and ERNA are wired differently therefore once you are stocked on something no one can change it. Even the same person says : man I was wrong. You will still say fuck you man , you are right first time. Now you are talking nonsense.
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First of all @Nas @ be-ware @goddamn, you guys are piece of a shit. Fuck you all!! You morons either don't understand politics or you are complete brainwashed idiots. Nepalese whoever supports Trump or are planning on voting for him will be voting against their own interest. Probably you guys are not getting real news or your social media sites are infested with radical right wing trolls. Don't rely heavily on just Trolls for news updates. Trump is a joke, nobody likes him, he's hated not just here but all over the world. Why are you guys so desperate to be in a team, who hates immigrants like you all and blames you all for stealing their jobs? Are you guys for or against diversity? If you are for diversity, why are you against democrat? Do you guys even know Democrat is the party of all races, ethnics and gender, a party of diversity? Party where majority african americans, majoirity hispanics, majority asian americans and majority women, majority whites, majority educated, immigrants from all nationality and color votes. Thats called inclusive, represents all. If you like Trump, you guys would probably like another mini Trump in India, a right wing extrimist Hindu bigot Mr. Narendra Singh Modi. Go suck his dick! You guys are disgrace!
If this guy gets another 4 years, Guess who'd be affected? Nepasese on TPS, nepalese on DACA, Future GC lottery winners, all H1b, F1, F2 and many other categories. And you guys know very well these Nepalese are great source of Revenue back in Nepal. Most of them send money back in Nepal.
And one more thing @Nas..that ignorant fkn retard's Head don't suit on Rambo's body, find a body of a well fed fkn PIG.
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Fuck you too. You are the ignorant one. You are the type of people who has kept countries like ours backward by engaging in communal, sectarian and are racist.
First, if it wasn't for those f***ing mao followers, I probably wouldn't have left Nepal and they f****ed it up and you guys are trying to fuck it up here too. Now I am here and will vote for whoever's good for here overall not only for "my people". Follow the media you moron.
butternut squash
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Who fcuking cares about tps, diversity visa... look at these all pakhey Nepali ... they literally begged for tps. Omgeee . Well we are not African nor South American . Their cases are different ... but Nepal is the only country in Asia who begged to grant tps. Maagney nai bhayeyo ...yaha bata thaha huncha hamro haisiyat.. Pakistan also had a major earthquake back then.. did they ask for tps. No they didnot .
I support merit based immigration system in this country . Chain Migration should be immediately thrown away. Jay trump baa
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"@Nas ..... piece of a shit. Fuck you...!"

मेरो भर्जिन गाँडमा सम्र्यागी नानुलाइ टर्च लाइट र अन्दुस भाइलाइ झण्डा गाँडन आवहान गरि सके, अब देबराज ब्रोलाइ चैँ आफ्नो नाडो गाँडन नि रिक्वेस्ट गर्न पर्ने कि कसो हो हजुर ? 😭

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I think you are the one with a mind set like the Maoist followers who had taught not to believe on anything other than information fed by leader , book given by party and news from own party. Of course we follow various news / media even Fox news, are you watching different, is it coming directly from WH?
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Compare policy wise which party line is closer to Maos. If you have an ounce of brain you would understand and if you had an ounce of shame, you would accept.
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You guys are some special kind of stupid! You all are something else! I'm done and I'm out! But I'm leaving behind my favorite quote for you all to heed and ponder, " If you are very very stupid, you don't realize how stupid you are, because to understand that you have to have a little bit of intelligence!" ***Good Luck you all***
Keyser Söze
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Sounds like someone is begging for merit based system..literally भीख मागिरहेछ।
Taking stimulas check is still considered free loaders i hope your more than once brain should know that.
butternut squash
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To whoever said , “ Democrats were fighting to keep slavery, it was Republicans who fought against it. just FYI”;

change democrats with conservatives and republicans with liberals and see if it still lights up your washed brain.
Keyser Söze
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@dam.. looks like you left your folks to suffer in f***up place that once u called home. Is this what they taught you to run away from your problems? You must be sleeping good that your are way now and left them to cry in pain everyday in hell that u think.Too bad chain migration is going away...they must be proud that you support the one who is against it.
prem kumar
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After all these Bullpoops, anti-HCQ, burning down American cities businesses, choosing Iran and China over President Trump & America, Coup, and still voting for commie DemoKKKrats?
Y’all must be Pho king blind and Dumb as Rock!
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That is the worst loser mentality. Nepal will be built or destroyed by Nepalese not Biden nor Trump. You think electing Trump will be bad for Nepal? Electing Biden will help Nepal? NO, it will (may?, remember Obama deported the most in history) only few Nepalese who were already well off in the first place. So do not tell me that this is for all Nepalese."sleeping good when people are left to cry in pain", I wish them well but in no way that is my doing or electing Biden can do a damn thing to help Nepal. Also Nepal is beautiful, not "f***up". Wakeup bro, if voting Biden would make a difference to Nepal, I would do that in a heartbeat without even thinking rationally. It won't.

And I do care what happens to my community as well and if America does great then people living in will automatically benefit including Nepali. Also, I am against Democrats because they favor illegals before any legal migration, are fiscally irresponsible etc. Look at Democrat run cities and states, they are all moving to place like Texas. Trump has banned all legal immigration too and I am against it but at this time, it makes sense and I will be against it when time comes.
About running away from problems, its you. I came, struggled, got opportunity to settle here and took it. If i didn't, I would have gladly left. Nepal is for Nepalis to build, America is for Americans. I am not saying this in racist way because I was myself up for it and would have worked back home if staying here didn't work. But now I am here and my kids will call this place home. Do you want me to betray their future by voting only to save someone's TPS status because they couldn't maintain student Visa? Isn't that betrayal? Will you betray one for other? I am not for Biden for sole reason of supporting because of race or saving TPS etc. I am open to any other arguments.

People are assuming who votes for Trump are right wing lol. I supported Obama too, but for now conservative policies looks much better. There may be times voting for liberal which I have but not this time. Also when I talked to people why you want to vote Democrats, it all comes down to race. Doesn't that make them racist?
Keyser Söze
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Two different things here: Either you are liberal Democrats or Conservative Republicans (or Independent that walks fine line between left and right (call them moderate on either party (RINO or Joe Manchin type Democrats ) but Trump is a con and an useful idiot neither conservative nor liberal (but liberal more so but nobody liked him so he was too dumb to be liberal candidate and smart ass to beat all lousy republicans). Republicans didn’t expect him to win but he won anyway so they are riding this dumpster truck just to hold on to the Republicans presidency and senate) . There is no true conservative anymore in GOP. This Grand Old Pussy has been grabbed by tiny hands of Trump and is in verge of loosing everything come this election Senate and presidency. And let’s talk about Nepalese supporting Trump. Somebody rightly said , before greencard Democrat, after greencard Trump! The most hypocrites thing ever. This guy is mentally unfit. Just watch Axios interview or any his interview with real journalists. If he hold on to the another 4 years, America loose whatever standing it has left in this world. He is embarrassing. Just ask Melania.
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"Just watch Axios interview or any his interview with real journalists".

I was about to ask all to watch the interview. It is not by Fox or by CNN. I have heard from my friends that the interviewer is left and asked hard questions.

Here is the full clip of interview. Watch it without being judgmental. Think logically and critically as an independent.
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I agree Trump has a lot of flaws.
He is a conartist, he was Democrat for most of his life and even donated to Hillary. But having said that he takes on a persona when he is campaigning and he has remained true to that character. He has done enough to justify four more years IMO.
Corona virus response was disastrous, and there are a lot of things going on and in lot of cases he had only bad or worse decisions to choose from. I am not going to make fake arguments just for the sake of arguing and will give you this point.
But my question is how can you justify voting for a person who is clearly having mental issues and going through dementia. It looks too obvious to me, and I cannot vote for a person who is mentally unfit because I hate other one. I respect his age but I cannot trust him and in fact with certain degree of confidence that he will not last 4 years as a president. Joe Rogan has summed it up nicely and he is a left leaning who has admitted openly never voted for Republican president before.

This is my last post (for sure this time) on this thread. I am sure I will not be able to convince you guys to vote for Trump or even look at him with open mind, my only point here is that all people voting for Trump are not doing so because of race or because they are right wing maniac. There are a lot of us who listened to both sides (there was not much to hear from Biden honestly, he is MIA) and chose Trump. If I was able to even create that doubt, I will feel accomplished. If you cannot even accept that people on other side are decent human being, I have nothing to say. Cheers bro.
prem kumar
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Trump2020 mitches!
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प्लिज मेरा नेप्रिकंस साथिहरु ! हाम्रा बाबालाइ भोट हाल्नुस कम नोभेम्बर ! मेरो बाबा लो इन्कम र मिडल क्लास इन्कमहरुका लागि सार्है नै इक्नामिक उदारताबादी हुनु हुन्छ ! प्लिज उन्हालाई नै भोट हाल्नुस ! बिन्ति छ मेरो हजुर ! 🙏

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