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२०१६ मा निसंदेह ट्रंप बाबा मेरो क्यान्डीडेट नम्बर वान हुनु हुन्थ्यो ( आफ्टर डाक्टर र्यान्ड पल ड्रप आउट ) ! येस्पाली म अलिक धरापमा छु ! बाबाको "एफ वान" बिद्यार्थीहरु प्रतिको नाइन्साफ़िले मलाइ अलिक आघात पुर्याउन भाको छ ! इमिग्रेसन र इमिग्रयांट प्रतिको मेरो धराना खुलस्त छ ! बोर्डर क्रस गरेर इल्लिगल्ली आउन रोक लगाउन पर्छ ! तर जो याँहा इलिगल्ली बसेका छन् अनि उन्हाहरुले कुनै क्राइम गरेका छैन भने उँहाहरुलाइ गरि खाने मौका दिन पर्छ !

म त्यो "पेड़ो" बाइदेनलाइ त् मरी गए भोट हाल्दिन ! तेस्लाई हराउन भए नी बाबालाइ भोट हाल्न पर्ने नौबत आउँन सक्छ वा कुनै इन्दिपेनडेन्ट वा कन्सटिटिउसनल वा ग्रिन पार्टीको अजेण्डा हेरी भोट हाल्ने सोचमा छु !

याँहाहरुको के राय छ हजुर ? 🙏

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आइ मिस्ड इउ माइ स्विट सिस्टर ! आइ एम अन्डर इन्फ़्लुएन्स राइट नाउ टू टाइप एनी थिङ्ग ! एक छिन् पछि मेरो झ्याप उत्र्यो भने आइ विल ट्राइ टू मेक इउ फल इन लभ विथ माइ बाबा ओके सिस्टा ! फ्राइडे नाइट देखि संडे इभ सम्म त् गाँजाको "स्मोक-अ-थोन" चल्छ मेरो ! गर्नु पर्ने केहि हुँदैन अनि गाँजा तान्यो झ्याप भै बस्यो दिन भर ! यस्तै खाते लाइफ छ हजुरको नाज ब्रोको ! हिजो नै देखेको थिए हजुरको रिप्लाई ! भोलि कुरा गर्छु मेरो "बू" संग भनेर बसेको उठदा खेरि नि झ्याप मै रहेछु ! एनी वेज, सिस्टर आइ मिस्ड ट्किंग टू इउ ल ! ❤️
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Bro please don't even try because i know for sure that i won't change my mind. Anyways bro dherai jyap nahunu and please yo english lai Nepali ma type nagarnu na. And i hope you are following what you promised me about masks. Please please please don't listen to your darling trump. He says not to let covid dominate your life. But the truth is he's not the commoner like us. He got the best medical team and resources available at his disposal. We ain't that lucky.
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DONALD DOG gona loose big time!!! 2020 vote Donald out!!!
butternut squash
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Your Donald uncle will easily win this election son. Mark it .
prem kumar
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Executed the AI algorithm and output result is BLUE.
Yes, it is BLUE
It would be 3/2
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Trump is looking week. He is most likely going to lose. People aren't going to forget deaths of their loved ones. Although, it may have been unpreventable in many cases, but you have got a scape goat to blame this time.
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Who wants a president as Joe Biden? He forgets what he did a few minutes ago. Stammers in every two sentence. Creepily hugs women and children in photoshoots. Most of all puts America in the backburner in the name of global leadership. China and other countries already fked up enough. It's time to act if America wants to maintain its supremacy for some time. Trump is the right candidate if someone really wants America to succeed.

Now, it is kool to have liberal views in today's colleges/campuses in America. Kids today at school show how kool they are by supporting liberals. They can't think straight and just blatantly follow. So, the freshly arrived Nepali folks think that's the way to be kool as these college kids are who they aspire to be and try to be like them. Think, think think. You need to make America stronger, richer, and better than the rest of the world. Everything is relative. you don't want India or China or any other country valued more than the US, do you? Unless, you want to go and live there voting for Modi and Chingchi. If America is prosperous, you will be. Vote for Trump. Do not vote for a politician type. We have seen enough of the likes of those - Makune, pushpekamal, bhakunde et al growing up back home. Vote Trump! Support Mr. Nas Dalle.
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I hope to wake up on November 4 with the news of Trump losing the election. He is not a good person. He has no empathy for others. All he cares about is himself. He is a POS.
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ok. here is an example of today's college kid - wegalzrock - caring, kind, global thinker. Empathy for others! who are the others? you take this - Texas is already overrun by mexi cans and dallas is the new hyderabad. With Biden, that's what entire America going to be? if that's what you want, why not go to hyderabad or mexico instead of settling here?
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AchammaCha, others is anybody other than you. So you are trying to tell me that one should have no regards fot human life. If your trump had done something about Covid, not that many people would die. But he doesn't give a damn about others. All he does is badmouth other people. He thinks he is the only one who raised their kids right. He literally hired his whole family for Whitehouse despite them being under qualified. If he gets re-elected, US will go backwards in terms of everything. And yeah for your kind information, I've already finished my college. And i make enough money to pay way more in taxes than your dear uncle trump.
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Sierra Leone needs your help. Burundi needs your help. Lots in Africa - Asia & LatinAmerica, have lots of destitute children who needs your help. You might wanna signup for volunteering there to fight global hunger poverty and all that. Most important is show others that you volunteered with snaps of pictures in slums all around in your facebookpage. We will all thank you with pat on the back for having sucha regard for human life.

You probably are regurgitating the media saying Trump paid 700 in taxes. Lot of people don't even understand basics of taxes. A good business or a high net worth individual manage their taxes very well thruout the year where they do not overpay or underpay their taxes throughout the year. So, when they file the return at the end, there won't be a large refund or tax due. Big refund on return means you gave the government the money you could have used it to earn more money. Big tax due on the retun means penalties/fines. So, you want to avoid both and get as close as possible to the correct amnt of tax. So, that 700 is not what Trump paid. That's how much he owed with the return. Just clarifying. I would not doubt that you could have paid more in taxes than trump assuming you are making over $600 million a year which is highly likely;)
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I have nothing to say to you. You clearly have no empathy for others and you think you know better than anybody else. I can sense that he is your ideal person. Good for you. I hope you have white skin and no LGBTQ friends. And i do hope you won't have a daughter. Because clearly you cannot see a person who is incompetent and cannot see a woman outbid him in anything. He likes to suppress women just like you i bet. Also more than that he is not even qualified to be a president. He has no compassion towards  americans.
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"cannot see a woman outbid him"

बेबी सिस्टा ! आइ फिल आइ एम द डम्बेस्ट स्टुपिड रिटार्ड ! तर स्टिल आइ क्यान आउट बिड द स्मारटेस्ट विमेन ! विमेन आर जस्ट टू ड्याम सटुपिड़ इन जेनरल ! 😂

आइ अल्सो लाइक टु ग्र्याब डेम बाइ देर 🙈🐷

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Bro yes you are retarded to think that you can outsmart the smartest women. To be honest your male ego won't let you see a woman be more successful than you. Is that why women are treated like a dirt because men see that given a right opportunity, they can easily win over men. Women are not to be materialized. But again what can i expect from trump supporters.
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Nas is the entertainer Number 1 of sajha.
So is Trump to the world.
Nas talking random shits wouldn’t matter but the president cant, shouldn’t, mustn’t talk and do random shits.
Such response to covid as a president disqualifies Trump for another term.
Doesn’t matter how long you are in the states (about to be two decades for me) it has nothing to do with being liberal.
Anyways, it is the BLUE this time. it is what it is.
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बेबी सिस्टा, ड्याट वाज जस्ट टू गेट योर रियाक्सन ! आइ लभ इउ माइ बेबी सिस्टा ! ❤️

एनिवेज, यो इलेक्सनमा धाँदली गरि बाबालाइ हराउन प्रयाश गर्ने छन् डेमोक्र्यट्सहरुले ! आइ स्वेर टू गाड, येदि बाबालाइ सड्यन्त्र गरेर हरायो भने आइ एम हिटिंग द स्ट्रिट टू रायोट ! होप्फुल्ली त्यो दिन आउने छैन ! 🙏
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"बेबी सिस्टा, ड्याट वाज जस्ट टू गेट योर रियाक्सन ! आइ लभ इउ माइ बेबी सिस्टा ! ❤️"
Bro it better be just for a reaction. Do not take anybody for granted because women are like candles. They provide warmth, good smell and all those good stuff. Ignore them and they can cause fire. Ani tesbata baneko fire liyera janu riots ko lagi hajur ko trump baje le haryo bhane.
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Last election, I was certain that Hillary would win. I was driving down North Bay yesterday and surprised to see how much of a Trump supporters are here in SF Bay rural communities. So, if you have the right to exercise ur vote in USA. Its ur call, Because only The World knows how far we have gone as a human.
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"They provide warmth, good smell and all those good stuff."

हा हा ! सो ट्रू विगल्ज़ सिस्टा ! इफ आइ क्लोज्ड माइ आइज एण्ड टेक अ डिप ब्रेथ, आइ क्यान समेल द फ्रेश फ़्र्यग्राँस अफ अल द लेडिज आइ ह्याब द अपर्चिउनिटि टू स्मेल देर अरोमा ! 🙈 गर्ल्स रियेल्ली पूट ल्ट्स अफ एफोर्ट्स टू स्मेल नाइस ! 👍

"Ignore them and they can cause fire."

दिस इज इभेन "ट्रुथर" ! इफ इउ वान्ट टू इजिली पिस अफ अ गर्ल, जस्ट इग्नोर हर ! शि क्यान बियेर एनीथिङ्ग बट ल्याक अफ अटेन्सन ! दे कन्स्ट्यान्टली क्रेभ अटेन्सन एण्ड भ्यालिडेसन ! इफ इउ वान्ट टू इम्प्रेस अ गर्ल जस्ट प्रिटेंड टू गिभ हर अ लट अफ अटेन्सन ! 😂
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