f1, TPS, now f1, TPS ma kam garna milchha?
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Pahile f1, ani TPS, ani feri f1 reinstated, aba TPS EAD chha naya, kam garna milchha ki mildaina? I know TPS EAD use gare pachhi F1 violate hunchha technically but paralelly laijana k hunchha?
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can't use TPS if you want to be clean with F1
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Yeah, I understand but I still don't know when does it sting you? Say someone on TPS and F1 worked under TPS EAD when does the person get impacted by the use of TPS EAD? I have read people getting GC while working on TPS and parallelly maintaining F1. Afterall no one wants to stay on F1 all the time. If you are adjusting to GC eventually, when does the situation come that USCIS would say you violated F1, so cannot adjust your status? This is very confusing, at least it appears to me like that. Please enlighten me!
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Any more thoughts on this mitra haru?
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Change of status (e.g. change from f1 to h1b) and adjustment of status (i485 application f1 to green card) will require to prove that you did not violate your status since you have last entered USA. Usually, USCIS only checks for last few years history, but I'd you are unlucky green card will be rejected, and you will be banned from USA for unlawful presence over 1 year. Remember the new law, if they find after 5 years that you violated F1 status, they can backdate and cancel your status 5 years, thus you will be recorded as staying illegally for 5 years. However, we don't know the future, they might remove this rule if Democrat win
butternut squash
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Aru bata bhanda h1b bata adjust garna ek dam
Garo ho. If u have violated your status
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I guess if you have never been out of status even when only on TPS, it says you are legal. I dont see a problem from that perspective. Lets say you have f1 and overlapping TPS, solo TPS, and now f1 then you should not be considered one who violated the status. For the sake of working on TPS while on F1, it looks like its a violation of F1 but I guess you can continue to be on f1 once TPS expires and you stop working. Otherwise whats doesn it mean by taking both parallaly?
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1. If you are on tps only, you are still legal to stay and work on USA. However, you have to reinstate your F1 status before you can change your status to h1b or green card. In other words, you cannot change from tps to any other status directly without reinstate to F1. 2. Parallel tps and F1 makes very little sense because you cannot use tps ead If you want to maintain F1 status. Tps is only a backup in some rare worst case scenario if you somehow lost F1 status, you still are legal because also had parallel tps.
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