KP Oli's rebellion against Delhi
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Delhi has been using the heavy hand in the region since the Independence of India in 1947. It has quelched so many separarists movements - the Khalistan movement, the North East movement, the Kashmir movement. Not only that, it also engulfed few territories with force - Hyderabad, Sikkim and recently Kashmir. And, it has also micro-managed neighbouring countries - Bangaladesh and Nepal. The history has proved that Delhi has always won. The Delhi had one argument that their democratic system was better for people, but Kathmandu also has a new constitution that is as good as Delhi if not better. Can Oli goverment change the history by not succumbing to Delhi? We shall know soon.
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The problem is not Delhi. The problem is Kathmandu!
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The fight is not between Kathmandu and Delhi. It is between Nepali people and Delhi. If you look at the history for the last 80 years, Nepali people fought against the Rana regime, the Panchanyat system and the Palace. Nepali people seem to be rebel by nature. This time they just got a much bigger opponent, Delhi. KP Oli is just a face of the rebellion this time. The new map was passed by both houses uninamously. Jai Nepal!
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The fight is not between Nepali people and Delhi. The fight is between Nepali people!
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Delhi has been always there in Nepal's politics since 2007 BS. Even BP was not aware of the Delhi agreement with Ranas and then king Tribhuvan.

You know what happened in 2016 when Delhi couldn't influence in Nepal's promulgation of New constitution. It rushed to punish Nepal with the economic blockade, like a parent punishing a kid for not obeying. The kids have to eventually show the parents that they can take care of themselves. Otherwise, parents will always try to interfere. It is time to grow up and take responsibility. It requires a courage and patience. Oli is showing both by not succumbing under pressure.
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Oli knows how to use the mass media. He is like Trump. First he banned the Indian media, and then he tweets well wishes for Amitabh Bacchan. The Indian media does not seem get enough of him. They keep making fun of him, talking about him for one reason or the other. He sure likes the publicity! 😀
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Oli broke the ice! Everyone, Indian and Nepali, is having an opinion on Oli's Ayodhya claim.
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