Green card holder stuck in Nepal
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Hello guys,
My mom is a greencard holder and she traveled to Nepal. She was supposed to come back to the US waay before 6 months, but as you know she is stuck and it is likely that she may stay there beyond six months.
I know USCIS requires some pre-documentation if a greencard holder is going to be out of the country for more than six months. Now, given the circumstances, do they still require documentation or since it's obvious and nothing is needed to be done?

I wanted to ask if someone in the similar situation has reached out to USCIS or looked into it.

Thanks in advance
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there is never an "obvious" in case of USCIS. For sure you can get paroled at the port and might appeal the green card stipulation afterwards, but is it worth the chance? Turkish airlines have been providing chartered flights, its double the price one way but you might want to look into it.
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You need to speak to an immigration lawyer. I’m sure pandemics is considered legitimate reason or health issues, but have not seen guidelines by USCIS for someone who stayed outside more than 6 moths. It looks like case by case basis.Few airlines are doing chartered flights to the US and cost is 2000-2400 USD. As pyackman mentioned if I were you, I would ask mom to fly to the US, but hold any travel if she is considered high risk. No GC is worth a life
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@ALTIJDGOEDE, to my understanding green card holder can stay up to a year (not exceeding 364 days) overseas, but beyond that one is required to have travel document which allows 2 years overseas stay or out of country stay.
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It's very surprising to see so many ill-informed Nepalis. You need to be return back within 6 months to prevent your naturalization filing clock from being reset. Essentially, if you spent 7 months in Nepal, your clock will reset!

A green card holder can spend a year outside the US. You can also apply for Advanced parole if you wish to spend upto 2 years outside.

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