Extending Parents Visitor Visa Twice due to Pandemic
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Hi Guys,

We have filed a visa extension for my parents back in February for 6 months and now the extension is expiring in less than a month. Can we apply for visa extension twice to stay for more than 1 year? Currently, we have flight restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I hope that will resume soon. The only reason I don't want to send them during this difficult time is their health issues and the risk of being exposed to Corona virus on the flight.
Please share. Thanks.
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They have two possible flights going to Nepal on June/July. Have them stay here more than a year and you will risk getting their visas cancelled and 10 years ban. If there is no flight options then can file for extension given that there is a provision for that, if they have options to fly, you should not apply extension.
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As indicated in the news article link above there is a flight from US to Kathmandu. But the details are lacking. Other than the repatriation flight, the international flight ban is until end of June. I would call the airline before booking. Once international flights open, passengers have to follow quarantine guidelines with 14-day stay at government designated hotels.

I could not find information on how to arrange for transportation to hotel and how to meet the guidelines if the passenger's final destination is a Pradesh other than where Kathmandu lies.

Does anyone have more information? Please kindly share or provide feedback.
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Thanks, mangale and HelpyouHelpme for your valuation suggestions.
If anyone has applied before or planning to do it, please share. Thanks Everybody.
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@Beerguy - There is no such rule that you cannot file 2 or more consecutive extensions for B1/B2. I think "mangale" logic is being overly cautious. As long as you have valid reasons and proof to support your case, do it. Personally I think you have. As long as they are legally here beyond their initial entry date and all lawful extensions after that, you are just fine. They might have to explain next time while renewing their visas and/or reentry.
Just to be safe - file extensions. show health issues, pandemic and flight risks and flight ban as your reasons.
As long as extensions is pending, their presence is considered lawful. It will take few months before decision is made or you getting approval/denial. This will buy you time and they can exit when situation is favorable. If they leave before you receive extensions decision, you can always ask them to pull back the application. If you receive denial, you have to show/prove that you made effort to leave the country in a timely fashion. It doesn't have to be same or next day or within week.
hope this helps
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Beerguy, I am in the similar boat as you. I have sent you a message.
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Great suggestion stupida. Based on your suggestion, I just feel like you are an immigration attorney!
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Hi Guys ,

I filed extension for my mom on March 15 2020 online . No response from USCIS yet only receipt case generated . No bio metrics appointment.

Initially i had a return ticket for Aug 22 , I dont think it is still possible to fly ..... what should i do just extend the ticket with a new date and keep waiting ???

Anyone on the same boat .
How long can you stay after I 539 is filed . The I -94 expired march 24 2020
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You can stay as long as you USCIS do not make decision on the case, having said that it is better to leave before the expiry of the visa unless circumstances is beyond your control (which is valid during COVID). But be ready to explain at POE when they try to come back in future. Keep all the extension request letter and approve denial letter. Staying more months in a year in US than home country may jeopardize future visa applications and subject to cancellation of visas if you do not provide valid reason for your extended stay. You don't want to show immigrant intent. 
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