Totaling my car: Can i talk to mt Insurance?
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Hello Sajha car gurus,

I have a weird situation: entire gallon full toilet bowler cleaner spilled in my trunk. Despite multiple washes and everything there still a strong fume. I tend to get headache and my eyes burn every time i drive. I bought this bowl cleaner from Home depot. I guess the product is so shi**y:their bottles are not airtight. The replacement bottle i bought was no good either. I am thinking about calling my insurance to totaling my car. Please suggest.

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Go to a detailer get it washed professionally. Flooded cars are resold after fixes. You most probably need to replace the carpets as well.
Your insurance won't pay if there are no mechanical issues.
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You have to take the carpet out and let the fume go away or throw it away, that is the one fume is captured.
Take out the spare tire and you can wash at home with soapy water or water hose it. There is a water outlet to let the water go. Leave the trunk open so remaining fume to go away. 
You can get the carpet from Junk yard or you can order online. My best resource is Youtube.

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Get i the auto car wash with trunk open
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What did you do with your car? Do not sell to Dealer, I will pay more than dealer.
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