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Currently, I am on U visa.
I was planning not to go Nepal until I got green card. But I have some bad situation and thinking to go back for some time. Actually, my mother is sick and I wanted to be with her for some months.
Is there any way I can apply travel document and go Nepal. If there is a process, how long does it takes?
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Have you already applied for green card? The application allows you to apply for travel document and EAD for free (apart from application fees itself). Processing times are expected to be long at this time. I applied for travel document in November last year but since all ASC offices are closed and they cannot get biometrics appointments done, it is taking a long time. You can also visit field offices for emergency travel document.

If not you should ask the immigration attorney that you are working with.
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Thanks for your reply.
I haven't applied green card yet. I am eligble to apply green card after a year. However, I have
EAD card and approved U visa. Not sure if it is good decision to go Nepal in this situation. If there any process for re-entering USA, then I would like to see options.
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