Is extreme weather a karmic retribution?
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Surendra Shakya
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As I sit and work on my desktop out of habit, time simply moves like a Tesla rocket. Once in a while I step out into the garden that has nice flowers and trees. I am blessed by bids singing and butterflies making merry. Then I realize the heat is just a little too intense. Thank god, I have the shades aplenty for few minutes of outing. The calm is suddenly broken by a hurried pace of the wind, and darkening clouds. Within a few minutes, a thunder cracks down as if Lord Indra was attacking some “asuras,” then a torrential rain engulfs the air. The wind picks up speed and then the storm hits Hetauda like a vengeful Gabbar Singh: “Ab tera kya hoga Hetauda?”

This has become a common occurrence in Hetauda. Every day after 4 p.m. it has become a regular experience for us to be pelted by heavy rain in tandem with really strong wind with the force to unhinge zinc sheets out of homes.

As I observe the extreme nature of the weather in Hetauda, I reflect back 30 years to the time when it used to be an ideal place to live. As an inner Terai small settlement with less than 100,000 population, despite the hot weather in the day time, evenings used to be cool. As if to pacify the heated souls, it used to shower in the evening. Mind you, it is noted to have the second highest rainfall after Kaski. The geography of this place is such that it feels like being blessed.

Then things started to change. When I returned from the USA, and started my campaigns to touch lives of young generation with ECA programs school after school, we started noticing the rising thermometer. No worries because we used to carry umbrellas with us as we walked to the nearby schools. Then I remember one day as we were going to a school near Karra River, along the way in the main street, there was an Everest Bank that had set up a digital clock with digital thermometer that displayed the temperature. As we passed the bank, we saw on the digital display that the temperature was 40 degrees Celcius. That was 2015. Since then, there has been no let up; on the contrary, severity has been more frequent.

Until then I had a deep love for my birth place. I used to believe that people were just unaware of the ways of developed world and lacked a scientific way of thinking. People can be shown the right way. Basically they are good people and they all mean well. That was my naiveté. It was all going to change.

A new CDO was put in place in Makwanpur district. He was relatively a young man and had received some of his education abroad in Europe, and maybe Japan. For some reason our NGO got a notice to report to the CDO office. We used to have a program that recruited international volunteers. We had just started it with our German volunteer in the summer of 2012. We were quite surprised to be contacted by the CDO office, so we went there with the volunteer and our staff.

We were placed around the meeting room desks and five or six of us sat in that room with the CDO. We did not know what to expect. Were we in some trouble? So, he asked about our NGO and the work we had been doing and were active in. Each of us introduced ourselves and gave the requested information. Our volunteer also spoke. When the session ended, we understood that he wanted to encourage good work. He was so happy that if we needed any help, we were to contact him. We came out very impressed with his approach. At least, there was someone who wanted to do good work and help others to do the same.

We read in the newspapers about his activism. He stopped smuggling of goods, and started intercepting truks at night that were suspected of carrying contrabands, or doing illegal activities. He investigated businesses that were cheating on taxes to the government. He used to be up even at midnight to apprehend the crooks. We became very impressed by this young CDO. Krishna Hari Puskar was his name.

Then before the young CDO had been here for few months, he was transferred. The truth came out as to why he had not been able to keep his job. All his good work and mission to catch the bad guys irritated the top guns of Hetauda. The business class and the industry people complained about him and used their connection in the central government to have his removed so that their illegal activities could continue. And they were successful to get their way and keep their immoral and illegal business intact.

When I heard this, I was crest fallen. I realized that I was living in a society that was rotten from the top. This realization was confirmed time and again at many levels, including in contacts with schools, colleges, police and everyone else. Consequently, I decided that I would not remain here just because I was born here. I would find a different place in Nepal, but away from this known criminal gang infested city.

So, when I now witness such extreme weather in Hetauda, it feels like a karmic retribution from the higher forces. It suits very well. Right now, the storm has passed away, but the lights have gone out and it has been become dark, and I had to resort to use the laptop to use the battery to complete the blog for today that I had started in my office in the desktop. (note: The power only returned 10 a.m. next day)

It is a karmic law that we get what we give. This city has been corrupt in its fundamental workings. Now it is the capital of Bagmati Pradesh. It lacks even basic roadways and there are traffic congestions every day. Well, I am talking of the pre-lockdown days. There is not a single good school or college that can meet international standard. Not a single hospital for good treatment. The regional hospital here is a mere referral center for Bharatpur and Kathmandu. Last year, dengue even killed a person for the first time.

Mother Nature is giving it what it deserves. Instead of soothing cool gentle showers, now it is intense and frightening storms that destroy homes and results in power cuts for hours.

The phenomenon in Hetauda is a part of larger global weather incidents that are proving to be more severe and dangerous than in the past. We just had our first hurricane from the Bay of Bengal that destroyed lives and properties in India and Bangladesh. Two years back, there was a tornado in Parsa that wiped out a settlement. Wild fire in Australia, USA and even the arctic, and flooding world over are regular part of news these days.

Not many people are aware that Karmic account are not only for individuals, it is also for families, community, nation, and humanity. For all the abuse of Earth and other living beings in this planet, humanity has much a karmic debt to pay. Time has come for it.

(It takes lot of time and effort to prepare each blog every day. I would like your help in understanding how many people are reading it. So, please could you help by clicking the link below for me to revie in my google analytica, please? Thanks.
Surendra Shakya
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Believe it or not, it is karma. Weather is also a response to critical mass karma in the ethereal plane.
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