Is using TPS a good idea and maintain F-1 status
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Hi guys,

Is using TPS to work a good idea in a nor major related field when someone is also maintaining an F-1 status? What's the safest way to do it or could share pros and cons.

Thank you in advance.
sexy in haku patasi
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No , bad idea
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Keep TPS status as much as you can, Trump is trying to get rid of OPT , H1B etc so TPS is like temporary green card now!
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Hope you understand that using TPS means that you give up F1. Talk to your DSO. Its not illegal to use TPS but that will come with some repercussions.
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@pyackman what do you mean by consequences? what are consequences when filing a green card? some say there was no problem in the same situation. Please share your experiences and knowledge.

And also, if a person works in cash, that might not be a good idea, in terms of saving/depositing a lot of cash or personal check (how much are we allowed to save/deposit?), I guess, only bank has access to the account not the government? Paying off loans using that cash from the bank? Will there be records while filing a green card? so on

There are so many things people don't know about rules, loop holes and so on, people should know. This pandemic has taken a toll on people.
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If you want to maintain F1 then you have to adhere by the rules of F1. Using TPS mean you will violate F1. If you want to maintain both TPS and F1 then technically you cannot use TPS. But there is no way to track this.

For green card there should be no problem as far as I can tell. but Green card takes a good chunk of time.

Working on cash has absolutely no track, your bank will not care, you can deposit any amount of money you want in your existing bank account. But illegal employment is always frowned upon and upon discovery you will lose F1, might have more .

In conclusion if F1 is important for you then try not using TPS unless you are tight with money. TPS is hanging on a thread at this time with the court order. I would try to get onto the process of getting a GC as soon as possible. TPS will give you legal employment but you will have to give up F1 if you were to use it.
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F1 best. TPS comes with perks but long-term no good.
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Gwach is correct
PUnk likeaboss :)
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So guys I have been working in tps(part time in tps ead) while maintaing my full time in universiy and maintaining my f1 status. I have both tps ead and opt ead in which I am just using my opt ead. Am I already in TPS or I am still considered being in f1 ?
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As soon as you use TPS EAD you are in TPS and no longer in F1 in technicality. But the funny thing about this is until your DSO knows about it, you are OK. USCIS does not have a system that switches you automatically. Its only a problem once it is discovered by your DSO or by USCIS, which might only happen if you disclose it.
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You cannot use tps was dude. You would be considered out of F1 status immediately. However, the school will not know, neither will immigration, thus your sevis will be okay and eventually your F1 status is valid.

Problem comes if you apply for green card within 12 months because they request last 12 months bank transactions, and they might ask you how you received paycheks in your F1 status.
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My experince: you can have an opt ead and tps ead, applying and owing two is fine. If you are using the opt ead, you are still an F1. The day you switch to tps ead, you are no longer an F1. Using tps ead may be problematic when you apply for your gc. Happy to talk and explain over the phone. Dm me, I will give you my ph no.
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Keep TPS as solid back up, future of OPT /H1 B is very fragile with new soon to be released EO (Miller doctrine) . OPT may not be available, DACA/TPS is very touchy subject and even Trump Will have to extend in order to win this election.
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Wow, this sounds like we have to think through everything and ask and do a lot of research.

Thank you for all of your genuine and honest suggestions, it was very informative. I have heard people working on TPS and filing green card when they are in F1 status? Have you?
What are the information/documents, USCIS asks or checks with us or without knowing us? Do they also have checking/saving bank account information?

I am trying understand the complete picture, what are the things they ask overall when filing a green card and what are the things we need to be mindful of when we are on TPS and F-1? And how long of history they check?

This takes us to a point how can we file a green card after graduating? Is consultancy a good option? or self trying (any tips how)?

These are some important questions, I think can change people's lives, what safe route to take. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.
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Here is my experience-
I applied for tps while I was still in school with F-1 status.
TPS got approved with TPS-EAD and I started working full time while I was in school. I also informed college DSO about the off campus job and they were ok with it since there was an earthquake in Nepal and they were trying to be empathetic.
Once graduated, I applied for OPT-EAD and used OPT-EAD to work for the same company and renewed the OPT_EAD after a year.
I switched the job and started consulting ( with Consultancy) using OPT-EAD and they applied for my H1 which was approved without major issue for 3 yrs. I have been working with just one client for last 2 years.
Consultancy/my employer have applied for my GC via eb3 and now I am waiting for an interview while my 140 is already approved. I will update once I hear from USCIS.
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