TPS -> F1 -> TPS?
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Hi! I was on TPS and did a change of status to go to F1 status since it TPS was going to end. Now that it will probably go on for a while, I'm wondering if I can go back on TPS. Anyone have any insight?
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You already did change of status from TPS to F1. You gotta withdraw and re submit . Grounds of denial by immigration people. Now you want go back TPS, ok on what grounds? Are they extending TPS for Nepal? Or You think they might extend TPS for Nepal cuz of Corona. TPS- find job, sponsor thru family, marriage to citizens, Assylum, H1b , F2, J2. F1 is not a bad non immigrant visa- apply economy hardship, with STEM degree u can work for more than 3 years. When recessions and health crisis hitting them hard, always remember their first priority be their citizen and LPR. See what the Australian PM said other day.
Seto kameela
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Malai ta aba TPS bata sidia greencard dincha jasto lagcha ....
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@ Seto Kamila what makes you think that?
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@RamkumarPoudel: TPS is not getting extended per se but its on hold till the lawsuit filed for unlawful termination of TPS plays out so TPS will probably go on for longer than STEM OPT and H1B is a lottery as we all know.
Charlotte ko nepali
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@ramkumarpoudel nepali ma bhannus na yo kura lai. Malai bujhna aftyaaro bhayo. Dhanyabaad
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@ anonymous I think you are right. What if they don’t extend later? You think you could go back to TPS when your F1 is still on hold! . Would not that complicate things? What I been hearing is TPS would not let you adjust status to immigrant visa because their no status to transit to 485. Clear me some.
This from USCIS 

For purposes of adjustment of status under section 245 of the Act, a recipient of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is considered as being in and maintaining lawful status as a nonimmigrant only during the period that TPS is in effect; a grant of TPS does not constitute an admission, nor does it cure or otherwise impact

@ Charlotte I don’t have Nepali font.
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I am already on F1. My F1 status is not on hold.
Seto kameela
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TPS holders will eventually become a greencard holder
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I have TPS and pending U Visa hopefully i will get greencard with one of these status.
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