Can you file GC for your wife rom Nepal?
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Hi guys,

I've been living in Nepal for the past 3 years and I just got married a year ago. We are expecting a baby soon. I'm a US citizen and till now, all I have done is filed for marriage in local ward office.

1. What are the steps that I need to take to get her GC?
2. Will marriage certificate from ward office suffice?
3. I haven't filed for taxes in 3 years and I'm not making taxable (that can be verified in paper). I believe I need to make about 30k per year to qualify. But will my foreign earned income be sufficient?

Thank you.

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Sorry! First thing you need to file taxes for last 3 years. So you don’t have any income to sponsor your wife; you gotta make At least 30-35K since you have a baby too. I’m not sure if you are a millionaire here. USCIS is very tight in income lately to make sure we not burden to the system.
1.Approve I-130- you have issues with income/financial burden proof
2. Yes! I hope it is in English need to file taxes no matter how much you make, foreign work, bank account and so on need to be disclosed.
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Technically you can but you still need to sponsor your wife and the child.
You should consider living there... for good... even if you come here you will go back again...
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@ Littlebuddha Income and I-130 aside. Do you really wanna move here with all these crazy going on? Stay home mate! Just chill. You saw the havoc in here. I see Nepali healthcare workers have enough PPE than US workers; lol fake nai Sahi. We heading to recessions!!!
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If someone could actually answer my question about if my income in Nepal (30k/year) will be accepted, that'd be great.
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