Land vs stock
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Mamchis samjera Ni dikka lagera amchha 3 barsa aagadi around 25 k stock ma lagani gareko , aile 3 k ghta khayera sell out gare .dhanna Ali batho bahyera market halka down hudai sabai settle gare matra sabai sottar hune raicha. Dubai gako chhemeki ley gaidakot ma 18 lakh ma kineko jagga 2 bars ma 46 lakh ma bechyo. Thukka kun mukh ley Ghar ma bhanne ho depression ma chu . 59 k ko salary chha balla balla 5 6 k save huncha sabai kharcha katara 3 k loss OMG . Ke dasa lagyo . Napadeko chimeki 18 k lagani garera 45 kamaucha ma muju amrika aayera 25 k lagani garera 3 k loss garchu 3 barsa ma
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Stock ley depression
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@rps2gc bro first of all you need to change your attitude. Or else you'll only make fool of yourself. "Napadekho chimeki" of yours, i think was smart enough to make a better decision. From what I've read about stocks,bonds, mutual funds and what not they shouldn't be taken for short term investment. I am no expert with all these, but what i would suggest you is to stop being impatient. You cashed your stocks out because you were scared. But if you were patient enough and gave it more time to grow, you could have better results. Also never judge a book by it's cover. An "uneducated" person might have better plans than you. It's so easy for us to feel entitled of better jobs, better pay, just because we are more educated than others. Please don't be sad that your neighbor made better investment than you. Just think about how you can make better investment for you and your family's future. NAMASTE 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Those who invested in land in Kathmandu between 2008-2012 are now millionaire. 5 lakhs per ana then now cost 35-40 lakh per aana. Go figure.
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