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Anyone working with Tableau or Power BI ? i am trying to apply for Tableau Developer job and want to check if anyone is in similar field ? how is job prospect and how satisfied you guys are . hope you dont end up as " chart guy " in office
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I have been working as qlikview developer for past five years. worked as a consultant and now as a full time. every job i notice there are moving to power BI. In my current job also they are moving to power BI.As a BI tool i like Qlikview and Sense. I think slowly Power Bi will take most of the market share since its Microsoft product.

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Thats good to knoe someone in Sajha is working as a Visualization Expert. Do you think Learning Power BI will be Better for future growth ? are yiu planning to add that skill too or you good with Qlik ?
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Learn dellboomi
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Dell Boomi Developer
Irvine, CA
6+ Months
Client: The Irvine Company
Rate: $80(DOE)
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Dell Bloomi looks very Niched down. hard to find good opportunities when leaving . better to stay with popular
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The tree hot BI reporting tools in the markets are PowerBI, Tableau and Looker. Looker is catching up the market fast. But there is no technology in the market which can do complex data modeling like PowerBI. However, it's visualization component is not up to par with Tableu because of developer pushing garbage component all the time.
PowerBI visualization is like android app. A bit buggy but tons of them.
Tableau visualization is slick and clean like IOS.
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I am also taking power BI course and do know the tools very well , just no hands on experience at job. there are lots of opportunities in power bi and Tableau where as Qlikview is moving into sense slowly.
if i was you i will go for power BI. for Power BI you need to learn DAX .
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Can you learn these tools and get entry level jobs on your own or is it again 5 years of exp needed and consultancy routen to crack the interview ?
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Dell boomi is new tool
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Looker has been recently acquired by Google so it can be either a very big hit or may disappear completely. IMHO Looker does have a bright future.
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