travel from nepal to US amid corona virus
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Has any one traveled from Nepal to US recently? Did anyone faced any hurdle regarding corona virus, in the port of entry of US?
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As long as you don’t use China as transit, no issues.
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i was gonna travel via China (CAN airport) in march. china southern themselves cancelled the flight. im gonna rebook and go thru a different route. dont even make china a Transit
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No issues at POE. I traveled to Nepal and came back two weeks ago via Dubai.
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Came to Nepal via turkey last week without any issues.
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Does Qatar airlines recent announcement to ban entry of people from 14 different countries effect people traveling to US?
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I went Nepal, uk and back to Boston last week. No issue at all. In London airport they asked me to open the laptop and mobile cover and checked. No symptoms found and let me get in plane ✈️. This is not only for me but all the passengers who came through Asia.
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Recent, KTM - Doha - U.S - Trip. No issues at all. Quick check in and was right out !!
guns of nepal
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Hello parboiled, my parents have the same transit next week. They are on a B1/B2 visa. Did you encounter any issues with others who were on a B1/B2 visa? Also, did they checked for fever in Doha or SFO Port of entry? Thanks for your help.
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that recent anouncement was for direct entry to quatar or departure from quatar. It clearly states that it is not applicable for the travellers using quatar as transist only. It may change later, but for now you are fine as you are expecting to use doha as transit only. I was in doha 10 days ago, and there was no temperature check for us (transist) , but it was there in TIA. My return flight was supposed to be on 31st march, I just received (literally 30 mins ago) about my schedule changes. They cancelled 8:45 pm flight and pushed to 2 am flight . This is likely because travellers to quatar as a destination are cancelled , so they trying to fit everyone in single flight.
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So I was able to fly from Nepal to US on March 12 without any issue. (Status GC)
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Returned Houston (IAH) from Nepal via Doah Qatar Airways on March 16th. No issue. Just regular Immigration if that helps anyone. (Status GC)
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Heard that USA is going to quarantine people for 14 days. Any truth in that?
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How about traveling after March 20th, I could not postpone and awaiting for Passport from Nepal embassy.
There is rumor that no plane will fly to Nepal after March 20.
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almost all incoming and outgoing flights to and from KTM is cancelled for now until 4/3 or so.
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Here is some more info regarding this topic.
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Anyone going to US from KTM in the coming weeks? I have to return to work at US but now stuck at KTM. Any thoughts when the flight will be resumed ?
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Are you a US citizen or GC holder?
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i telled u not to tavel
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@lafinbuddha: I am a GC holder.
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