Pete Buttigieg is the new Hillary Clinton
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The way all the media and Democratic Party is putting all their support in the little known Pete Buttigieg, it's smells a lot like their undying support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Buttigieg whose military service and gay sexual orientation is used to create the support using divisive politics is far from an ideal candidate.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see the DNC and MSM work together to create a sense of fake support for Buttigieg that does not exist. General people watching and reading mainstream news will begin to believe how popular he is.

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Using the psychology of backing the winning candidate, most people will fall for this propaganda. Even if a majority don't, the media narrative will make it seem like it.

Unfortunately for the rest of the people, the billionaires rule the politics. It was obvious with billionaire Trump on one side, now the other side is showing it's affection and influence by billionaires, who own all the industries such as the pharmaceutical, insurance, military, etc. all of which are bleeding the rest of the people out of their hard work and money and siphoning the money back to the top.

With such resources and untold money source to be restricted if Bernie wins the election, this group is doing everything they can to rig the election so that someone who is taking money from them is elected so that their interests remain unchecked.

The worst part of this whole system is the general population, who is led to believe they should support the billionaire's interests, while any kind of common sense points to the fact that their support should be on Bernie Sanders who is the only person who is looking out for the general population.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says '@MarkSimoneNY Pete Buttigieg is misleading voters about his military' record. He pulled some strings and got in with no training, no boot camp, no anything and very briefly did office work in a cubicle on a base in Afghanistan for a few weeks and quickly left: Opinion Buttigieg's War and 'The Shortest Way Home' 4:32 PM 2/9/20 Twitter for iPhone'

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, possible text that says 'Pete Buttigieg On Medicare For All He was for it In April 2019 Now he's against it in October 2019 What changed his mind? Pete Buttigieg has accepted: $1,783,168 168 from Healthcare industry $1,779,11 116 from Lawyers/Lobbyists $1,312,304 from Wall St $920, 001 from Real Estate $503,696 from Internet providers $159,214 from Oil/Gas industry $16,342 from Labor Who's Pete fighting for?'

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, possible text that says 'Since 1978, the cost of: College tuition Medical care Housing costs increased by increased by increased by 1,120% 601% 380% Meanwhile, the pay of: Typical workers rose by just just 10% Minimum wage workers fell fell by 5.5% Average CEOs increased by 937%'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Michael #Bernie2020 @Berniewouldawon YouTube subscribers: Bernie Sanders: 308k Donald Trump: 267k Elizabeth Warren: 15.3k Pete Buttigieg: 11.8k Joe Biden: 11k Trump won in 2016 in part because he dominated the internet. Only Bernie can compete with Trump's internet presence.'
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More stuff will be posted here for people who understand and care about what it means.


Image may contain: 4 people, possible text that says 'Trump's USMCA Patriot Act Act extension ension biggest military budget in history written copy of a speech'
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He is not a draft dodger like fat auk Trump , what ever he did he was there.
You see him misleading not to this fat old auk.
Keyser Söze
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Kindly also mention where to find news that is pure and unbiased and owned by people for the people.
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Follow independent media rather than cnn msnbc . Avoid corporate media . You can follow few in YouTube . Example rational national
Jimmy dore show
The young Turks
Democracy now
Rebel hq
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Dude: when you are sick , do not go to doctor they are all fake like trump saying fake news other than Fox.

Just do not cut and paste, let us hear from your own word. We want to see your knowledge and wisdom.
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I wrote everything in the original post. What are you talking about?
Keyser Söze
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The young Turks and Rebel hq left wing news says by wiki. Now they could only be showing left wing stuff i guess as there is right wing too.
So this independent media do they cover worldwide or just US?
Keyser Söze
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Can someone post Pete Buttigieg actually military record? In that way it becames clear if he is lying or not.

Also like to see some real calculations of these numbers % increase or decrease in costs from 1978. What it should have been in today's to make it correct?
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He was there what ever his role is and he knows how to fight and defend if needed.
You are asking like testing DNA for legitimate child , if wife has cheated on you. 
He was deployed and served outside the country which was a war zone.

Ask  and question about your fat auk uncle, the fat liar. 
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Keyser Söze
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Is there any other way to identify kids parents other than DNA testing? If someone says he hasn't done anything should present the proof.
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Logan. This is from a wall street journal article. Where are you getting your info from?

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@ be-aware jagirai kha astari post thokya chau ta boro
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Are you talking about Rock , he was all over the Sajha .He is just doing nothing but copy and past.
Once in a while people lost their last marble and definitely he did.
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Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'So let me get this straight... after years of listening to you assholes crying about how Bernie is not a real democrat you change the rules to allow THIS billionaire to BUY his way into the DNC debates? Independent (2007-2018 Republican (2001 1-2007)'
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Look other side too, he tapped the angry deplorable , he is neither Republican nor Democrat but a con artist.
That is what you get in present politics.
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