Democrat’s presidential nominee should have Mitt Romney as VP
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What if Mitt Romney is running mate of Democrat’s presidential candidate?
He is as liberal as democrats but his party affiliations with republican because of his religious faith.
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good question गुलाने ब्रो, तर राजनीतिको कुरा अलि २ ४ वर्ष पछि गर्नु ऐले तिम्ले गास, बास, कपास अनि सहबासको राम्रो जोहो गर्न तिर लाग, राजनीति भनेको तिम्रो लागि ऐले तपसिल को कुरा हो, तिमि ऐले आधारभुत आवसेकता मै अल्मलिरा छौ / तिमि "अल्छि तिग्रो स्वादे जिब्रो " भाको मनस्थितिको मान्छे होउ, दुख नगर्ने अनि जिन्दगिमा यो भएन, त्यो भएन , अमेरिका एस्तो छ , अमेरिका उस्तो छ, अमेरिकामा दुख छ, अमेरिकाका मान्छेले कैले गाडी चर्न सक्दैनन्, नेपाल जाना ७ जुनी कुर्न पर्छ भनेर साझामा बिलौना पोख्दै हिड्ने ? त्यो त भएन नि ? उमेर छ अनि पेपर छ भने तिमि अमेरिकाको सिपाहीमा एक चोटी भर्ना होउ तेस्ले तिम्लाई दुख के हो र दुख लाई जितेर जिन्दगिमा कसोरी आगाडी बढ्ने भन्ने पाठ सिकाउने छ /
जिन्दगिमा केहि प्रगति गर्नु छ भने केहि पड, केहि नया कुरा सिक, येसो technical knowledge भाको कुरा सिक, मुख्य कुरा जिन्दगिमा चुनौतीको सामना गर्न डरायोउ भने १० वर्ष पछि पनि तिमि येही साझामा तिमि भन्दा १५ वर्ष कान्छो फुच्चे संग फाल्तु बाद विवादमा अल्झी राखेको हुने छौ /

३० ४० हजारको तलबले तिमि एक्लै लाई McDonald मा खाएर sharing को एउटा कोठामा बस्न त पुग्ला तर त्यो भन्दा पर कतै जादैनौ / भोलि बुडी लाई नि तेइ ट्रेन मै सिटी घुमौचौ ? एउटा गाडी किन्ने र maintain गर्ने त हैसेद राख यार / येस्तै हो भने तिमि लाई बुडी ले dump गर्दिंचे , अनि जिन्दगि भरि त्यो मेरो " साथी को बुडी संग " भन्ने अस्लिल रचना पर्दै यौन तृप्त मेटाउनु
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I am not deleting your comment Mr. bhagaude, like you did.
I am making enough and I do not have to work as a Taxi driver (a privet contractor) at this point. Every one need bigger pay but not spending time 24/7( Uber Lyft ) . It’s not different than those peoples who reside in small apartment, both are trying to save money. But you are looking down on others. 
You are the one who bragged about” budhiko Sathi sang”, did someone do the same (sneaked to your home ) while you were banging your wife’s friend?
You are dumped by your wife looks like your ex was working as a banker and smart and thoughtful lady. How is the  of splitting pain and banging other women weigh in your present life? 
I was wondering why it took you so long to be a UBER or Lyft Driver because your wife left you long time ago. Now you act like Trump Mr. Bhagaude.
I can guess the reason you flee to US is you were screwing women during your active duty in rural area you screwed women and Maoists were after you.
That is how you landed in US, you were one of them in NY ,  now you are looking down .

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No one wants to talk about politics other than our own personal and ego thing?
Let me add : Priyanka here.
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Now it looks like angry hard core deplorable are after Rumney, Too liberal to align with hardcore republican. He is the first governor to bring health insurance for all . Still working there.
Now this country’s people mentality is down than third world.
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Now you’re on Prahari Samachar.
Donald Trump
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Bernie or Mayor Gay, it will be a landslide victory for Trump nation. Anyone else on the democratic ticket will make 2020 a little more interesting.

I personally want to see the mayor get dems nomination. 4 years ago it hurt their ego so much to find out America was not ready for female president, now I want to crush their souls by letting them know we are no way ready for a gay president.
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Young generation is behind Bernie, let’s see if Mayer pulls as a front runner.
12 years ago we were not seen an African American will be a president.
Fucking American attach them with religion, gay has nothing to do to be a president.
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Bernie will kick this fat auk,
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In NC you can vote any party , Republicans are trying to ruin Democratic Party.
They may vote to one who is not going to be the first 3 top runner.
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