Will Sponsor TPS to GreenCard right away! Business Hiring! Apply
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Sexy In Sari
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The owner has more than 20+ businesses around the DMV area.
New business opening soon.
Two supervisor positions.

If you are TPS students, no need to apply. These jobs required flexibility hours, weekends and nights.

msg me. Hiring must be done Before Feb 8th, 2020.

The owner has a record showing successfully sponsored 3 people with TPS to Green Card.

Don't miss your chance.! Hurry!!!

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Boro yo joke hoki sichikai ho? Tps to gc express entry bhannu bha chha, feri tala if ur tps student no need 2 apply bhannu bha chhha, Ali confusing bho chai k ho gas station ta hoina Ni ? Ailey company Bata gc sponsor garna Ni lastsi mani Ra chaina . Ma kam garney thau ma 2 Jana ko backlog chha processing ma . 2 janai ex student Hun opt cpt ysstai kehi ma Chan backed uped by tps ..tps to gc garney kei upaye chha? Cha bhane yeso idea dinus hai ..din dukhi lai sahayog garo bhaney Atma santusti milcha
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How do you apply?
Sexy In Sari
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@nepaliketo111- read carefully what I wrote, I said "msg me" write a short self-introduction, and number, I will call you back.

Its Tech job contract to the Medical field. No Technical required.

But if you work for the company, we can put good words and titles for sponsorship. Within 24 month Green card in your hand.

Sexy In Sari
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I find two kinds of people here.

One is waiting for the job, then he/she will be ready. Asking too many personal questions about me.

Be professional, don't send me a msg saying bro bro

Second, all pieces of information are ready, when job knocks on door, they are ready.

I find one guy from Falls Church, Virginia very impressive.

He is up to date on his EAD card. 01/04/2021
Driver License and EAD card already scan on the computer, he just clicked and sent it to me within a min. very impressive.

Application form, credit check form, background check form, all form on a pdf file. but manage to fill and signed,
All his necessary documents already scanned on PDF files, just attached and mailed to me.
Manage to give me two references.

He is hired.
ONLY one position left.

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Learn to write proper English first. And you deserve a proper ass whopping for such a lame scam lol.
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Welcome to the world of scam 🤷🏻‍♂️
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How can you sponsor green card for a tech position that does not require college degree ? Dont u have to file perm or labor now a days . There are plenty of US perm residents and citizens looking for jobs.
Keyser Söze
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Sexy in sari or sexy without Sari?
Sexy In Sari
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WELL, there are some people sending me a message from California asking me how to get a job. And I explained to them what the job is about and gave them the company link to apply.

Smart people don't have time to ask stupid questions, they ask RIGHT QUESTIONS.

BE smart, and Focus on yourself.

Keyser Söze
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I know i was one of that people listening the lala company name. You explained so well i got the job.
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