Question on getting advance parole for tps holder.
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I haven’t applied for TPS renewal since it was automatically extended until January of 2021 . My question is do we need to renew TPS first before applying for advance parole or does USCIS notice on automatic extension works while applying for parole.
Anyone who has similar issue or who has applied parole with Uscis notice ?
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I recently applied AP without renewal but attached with previous approval notice along with Federal notice ( automatically extended till Jan, 2021). Waiting for approval.
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urban khasi
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As per my lawyers suggestions, I applied for both TPS renewal and travel document. Their argument was to make sure you had a TPS notice on your name not just Federal registers( just to be on safe side while traveling)
Applied late December and got AP within 2 weeks, Still waiting for TPS ( just got biometrics done as well), hoping its on the way.
My question is ...Can I visit any other country or does it have to be Nepal only?
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@urban khasi Did you do anything to expedite your AP to get it within 2 weeks?
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I applied in October and it still hasn't budged, checks cleared though
urban khasi
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No, I didn't do anything, it was usual application sent to Chicago address with all required documents...proper check, two fotos, copy of TPS(old), copy of federal notice. and I always send G 1145( so you get text or email)
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My best friend sent her application on Jan 9. And She got a text on Jan 15 that her application was received. Her check got cleared on Jan 16. And today she checked her case status and it says "Advanced parole document was produced." It was dated yesterday. I believe she put her projected travel date as July/August. I know for sure that it wasn't expedited.
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@wegalzrock did you know which service center did she send it to? I have a same timeline and I send it to Texas service center.
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@nepaliketo111 i just spoke to her and she told me that she sent it to the Dallas Lockbox or something. She also got her approval letter today.
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@wegalzrock I have a same timeline, i.e received letter of application dated Jan 15, and send it to Dallas. I was hoping it to be soon so that I can travel in Feb. Finger crossed.
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@nepaliketo111 yes i hope you get it asap too. The reason she applied so early was because she thought it would take months for her to get the approval letter. But i guess she just got lucky.
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Applied for AP for TPS Dallas, receipt date early Feb, called to get it expedited, but yesterday it was denied. Looks like now it's 5-7 months of waiting period. :\
Good luck ya'll.
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