The Great Himalayan Cable Car
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I saw the video below few days ago. And, I think that it will be a great service and a great gift to the people of Nepal and the world. Like the world has never seen before! It will create economic benefits to the people of Nepal, and the tourists will be able to immerse in the Himalayas and experience it from very up close. China started building the Great Wall of China in 1300s, so the Nepali people should be able to build this in 2100s. Money should not be problem. We just need a will to do it. And, I think that the brave people of Nepal have a lot of " जोश ". हामीमा जोश को त होइन तर होशको आनिकी येति ठुलो प्रोजेक्टको ब्यबस्तापन गर्ने छमताको चाई कमि हुन् सक्छ । तर काम नगरी अनुभव पनि हुन्दैन ।

What do you say?

Cable car in Alps mountain range 

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These kind of cable cars will be a great boon and a tribute to the whole "Karnali" and few similar inflexible, rock-ribbed, hilly areas of Nepal, by changing the whole scenarios and "life" of that region--to say the least.
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Absolutely, it will provide mobility for people and goods to the Himalayas. There is only one Himalayan range in the world. And, there are 7 billion people in the world. So, it will not only help the people in Karnali and those regions, it will provide access to billions of people who would like to enjoy the Himalayas up close. I think that this would be a great opportunity for Nepal to provide easy access to billions of people. I say we dare, and build the cable car. Nepal is a giver. She has given thousands of brave young sons (Gurkha Army) for world peace. This time, she will give a great gift of the majestic views of the Himalayas to the billions of people.
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What do you say? I think its time to get out of we can't do it mentality. And, expect a western country or China to do development work in Nepal. They have done enough. It is time to say thanks and do something nice for them by opening our Himalayas to the world! it is really about saying thanks! Doing something for others once in a while. This is your chance.
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120 million tourists visit the Alps in Europe every year.

Only 700,000 tourists visit the great Himalayan range every year.

Mountains are probably the second most popular tourists destination after the beaches. And, the mighty Himalayan range is the range of tallest and mightiest mountains in the world!
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Beaches are for ordinary people mountains are for rich.not every one can afford to holiday the great Himalayas
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True! But it is also not accessible to a lot of rich people who can afford it right now. If it is accessible, millions of tourists would go to himalayas with their family. There is no place like the mighty himalays in the world! Millions of people are getting rich in the world every year.
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हाम्रा ऋषि मुनिहरु यही हिमालयको फेदमा तपस्या गरेर ज्ञानि भए | साधारण मनिसहरु पनि यो हिमालयको फेदमा पुगेर आनन्द लिन पाएँ भने उनिहरुको पनि कल्याण हुने थियो | ऐलेको ब्यस्त जिवनमा त हिमालयको फेदमा गएर एक देऊ हफ्ता शान्तिको अनुभव गर्न पाइयो भने तँ धेरै मानसिक रोगहरु त यसै सन्चो हुन्थिये | त्यत्ति बेला ऋषि मुनि हरु त्यसै हिमालयको फेदमा तपस्या गर्न त गयेनन त्यहाँ शान्त नहुने भएकोे भए | 

हामीले हामी सँग भएकोे समानको पहिला उपभोग गर्न सिक्नु पर्ने अवस्था देखेँ | हामी अरुले बनायिदियेको समान चलाउन र अरुको लागी मात्र काम गर्ने मानसिक्ता बाट बाहिर निस्कनु आजको माग हो | हामी गाडीको मज्जा लिन्छौ, पैसा भयो भने Swizerland जान्छौ पहाड हरु हेर्न | हामी कै भएकोे हिमालयको पनि मज्जा लिन मिल्ने बनाउनु पर्यो | ताकि बिस्वो भरकै मान्छेले मज्जा लिन पाउन यी हिमालय को | सन्धै अरुले बनाएको कुराको मात्र मज्जा लिएर भएन नि | कहिले काहि त आफूले पनि केही दिनु पर्यो नि | 
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Some for inspiration
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Tianzi mountain cable car

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Chandragiri cable car, Kathmandu

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मनकामना cable car

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