Graduating in 2020 may
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Hello Everyone, my wife is graduating this 2020 May, major in Information system and I want to know does she have to start looking for internship now or is it too late for that. She is confused as to whether look for internship or apply for a full time job. If she can start looking for full time job in IT, what are the best resources or places for a job hunt. She is already looking at college job fairs and also she wants to know if there are any other option for fresh graduates or about to graduate students .Please give me some suggestions. Also my wife don't want to go through the consultancy, so what is my best option.

One more thing She does not have coding skills or any basic knowledge, so is there any jobs she can look for without coding requirements, if yes can you please let me know if there are any IT related jobs for information system majors that does not require any java, python, c or any other programming language. If you guys can please let me know I will really appreciate. She is looking for a job around Dallas, Ft Worth, Irving, Texas
Thanks and Namaste
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She should be looking actively. BA, QA, PM, Compliance, SCRUM are some fields.
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Good advice above, also learn some programming on the side if she has time. At least some sql and definately learn excel if she wants to go for ba.
Samrat Singh Karki
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i have more than 7 years of experience working in IT from non IT background, i can correlate to your wife situation, the only difference is i learned coding despite non technical background n she didn't having degree in information systems.

i assume there are many universities in the US where u get graduated having no coding skill at all. Our company once hired an Indian guy who graduated from startford university Virginia as a consultant, he was fired after 2 wks because he failed to demonstrate basic excel skills (transferring data form excel sheet to other system).
coming to your wife , its very hard to find a job without consultancy. if u want to work in IT u cannot skip coding. rather jumping to internship she needs a boot camp coding at least 3 months. c can find QA/BA job every now n then but having masters in IT i would rather call these jobs as labor intensive jobs, even these jobs needs automation and basic coding skills.
rather than finding a job now, stay home for 6 months learn basic coding from YouTube n then join consultancy . YouTube is ultimate guru . coding is so much fun after 3 months of dedicated practice. i was in your wife situation, everyone hates coding in the beginning, but it will be fun after sometime. our mind is designed in such a way that if you practice something for prolonged time it will adopt. there is very less or no future in IT without coding. if she really hates it, i think changing profession is better option for example nursing . but for now motivate her to code, should not be a problem. Progress is impossible if you are not challenged in life 
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Very well said samrat ji
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Bottom line is do things whatever you enjoy..
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