Length of stay in US for parents after Greencard approval
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Hello friends,

How long does my parents have to stay once they come to US to receive the Greencard? They already have the received their visa & have all the GC approval processed completed.

What I am not sure if how long would it take for them to get the GC once they come to US? They do not want to stay here long enough...,.. they finally agreed for 3 months stay but I am hearing it could take up to 6 months. And what steps needs to be taken of forms to be filled once they are here in US?

Thank you so much!!
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Any experts please?
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It will take 1 to 1.5 months to receive the card in the mail.
Baneko chha paharale
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You said: ."They do not want to stay here long enough...,.. they finally agreed for 3 months"
Just wondering why you are applying for their Green Card if they are not willing to stay in the US? Remember, even after the green card is approved, your parents have to stay a certain period of time in the US all the time to maintain the validity of a Green Card. Are they ready for that? If they 'agreed now for 3 months' stay, are they prepared to stay in the US for an extended period of time in the future?
My own experience: Most of the elderly people just feel comfortable to live in their own country and neighborhood.
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I agree with Baneko chha paharale, If they want to stay for few months then visit visa best, why green card? If longer and want to do job here then GC good, I saw lots of Nepalese brought their parents on GCs they back to nepal and GC no longer valid if stay out of US more than 12 months but visit visa 5 yrs! think about it....
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Thank you Mungu, Baneko Cha paharale & gaulejetho for your input.

Agreed as per what you guys just said but it is exactly the dilemma for the 1st generation individuals like ourselves who moved to US & are stuck in between 2 cultures & hard to decide.

Next thing is that there is always the other side of the coin too. Your views are from one perspective & I might be viewing from a different. We all get old and parents are pretty much on that age already & when time comes we should have them with us rather than leaving them alone back home unless we move back there.

In short, I have thought about what you've guys mentioned already & made a decision with full conscience. I am sure my decision will be worthy & the universe will back me up in every steps in the future. I wish peace for you all & have a healthy life for you & especially your parents/families.

In the meantime, if you could provide me details what steps are to be taken once they are here for GC. That'd be awesome & thank you again guys. You're so nice.
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Go through this, also whats up with the passive aggressiveness to the posters above? They are not wrong.
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Thanks Maxpayne
Sexy In Sari
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It seems you are showing your smartness against your parents' wishes to live freely at an older age.

You want them here so they can babysit your children. Don't lie to me.

In Nepal, 85 years old can live freely, go anywhere, do grocery, talk to anyone, almost eat anything, and involve in a cultural ritual almost every month.

Here, I have seen Nepalese parents age around 55 and up, stay home all day, walk around neighbors for 10 mins, eat dinner and watch Nepalese news on youtube. And when they hit 60, visit the doctor office regularly.

Sometimes, you CAN do it doesn't mean you HAVE to do it.

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I do not know why he is so aggressive for good suggestion. Green card go away if you parents lives more that 6 -7 months in Nepal. So getting green card time does not mean anything. If your parents wants live here, then green card is good options. if not, visit visa is the way to go.
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Also , unless they work like 10 years they dont get medicare and if you apply for medicaid or other benefits you as a sponsor may have to be responsible. Insurance for elderly is very expensive ,hope you have good plans about that well.
Keyser Söze
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Sexy in Sari mofo thinks he knows everyone situations in this universe.
Sexy In Sari
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Little correction for you. 

Sexy in Sari mofo thinks  he    she knows everyone's situations in this universe.
Keyser Söze
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Correction or not way you got my point. Jobs done here.
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It’s not about how soon they can go abroad, they can literally travel back next day. The stamped and endorsed visa at POE acts like a GC for one year. It’s more about how long they can stay abroad. Any time they stay for more than 6 months, they will be scrutinized at POE. Frequent trips of more than six months may result in POE office recommending court proceeding for GC removal. People have stayed abroad for more than a year with reentry permit and come back successfully but after heavy scrutiny and at POE officer discretion. Its all about maintaining residence in the US not visiting.
Last edited: 05-Dec-19 11:48 AM
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Thank you all for your valuable input guys. You guys are amazing & very helpful.
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