Working with TPS EAD while on F1
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nepali 487
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Is it okay to work with TPS EAD while maintaining F1 status in parallel?
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consult your DSO, this is a rather technical question that is confusing to explain.

Technically working and using TPS EAD will terminate your F1. But this is not an automatic trigger. Only your DSO has the authority to terminate your F1.

However it is not illegal to work on TPS EAD. But keep in mind that working on TPS EAD is considered a violation of F1 status.
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If you have an agreement with your DSO and make them understand that TPS-EAD qualifies you to work outside campus then it is totally fine to use TPS-EAD. I have seen situations where in same college one DSO approved and let student work in TPS while another denied.
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@Nepali 487

Unfortunately the privilege given to Nepalese F1 student is now expired.

Hope this will help you
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I worked on TPS maintaining F1 in parallel. My company filed H1B and it got approved without any issue.
nepali 487
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@NepaliNajar thanks this is very helpful. While applying for H1B, what did you state as your current status? F-1 or TPS? Did you have any specific notes in your I-20/SEVIS record mentioning you were allowed to work?

I asked my DSO about working with TPS EAD on F-1, she seemed as confused as I am, and was not able to provide me the exact answer. But she seemed okay with me working with my EAD, and asked me to consult an attorney due to complexity of this situation.
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Nepali 487, I have messaged you
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@NepaliNajar, i left my f1 status from 2016 jan and continued working on tps only. On 2018 my h1b was approved with change of status. I was told i can work 20 hrs outside using tps ead if i want to maintain my f1 status by my dso.
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@NepaliNajar and @ Priyasm
Guys, I also worked full time while in F1 using TPS. Did your DSO issue new I-20 with any remark on it (Just wanted to know)?
Also, have you guys went for stamping? If yes, can you share your experience and thoughts please?
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