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After landing in Nepal Airport. I need to take domestic flight outside Ktm valley to Pokhara during October first week. I do not want to stay in Ktm.

How can I get domestic aero plane ticket in Ktm airport right away after I get outside from the terminal gate. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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You will get e-ticket.
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You can book ticket online directly from the airline website.
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You can book ticket online for Buddha Airlines from USA. Just print the e-ticket and go directly to domestic building.
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search it and you will benefit a lotttttt to do online shopping in nepal from anywhere from the world...

Note: Personal experience...
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There are different price on Tickets and you will have 2 bags and a carry on will be charged extra money. I paid 2k more than others and I had privileges to carry more kilos. I am guessing i was 50 per kg?
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You got your answers already, I will just add few things that if you don't know.
From arrival exit of TIA, you either have to walk or take cab to domestic terminal. Though it is 10 mins walk, it is hard in this heat and dust , and especially if you have luggage to drag. So take a cab, it is flat rate form international terminal to domestic terminal and every cab in the gate will take you there . ( used to be 500 rupee last year).
If you arrive too early , you can request to get you in earliest flight possible. If they have empty seats , they will put you in the next flight. If rainy season is not yet over in pokhara, be prepared of flight cancellation after around 4pm.
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