TPS-F1, Now Can you Still Work Under TPS?
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If your EAD is valid yes but still contradicts with F1 regulation. You can consult with DSO. By the way how long it took you to get F1 reinstatement? Did they ask for any additional documents?
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@Gmajor. Sathi lagbhag 10 mahina lagyo. DSO lai bhanna parchha ra?
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DSO le sidhai kaam nagar bhancha bahira, EAD bhaye pani use nagar bhancha. But dherai jaso DSO lai kehi nabhani bahira EAD use garera kaam garxan...
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Thank you @Gmajor.
Anybody has any experience? If you could please share your thoughts on this.
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TECHNICALLY, if you want to maintain F-1 then you should not work with TPS EAD
if you use TPS EAD, TECHNICALLY you have violated f-1 and will be only under TPS

It is not illegal to work as it is not necessary to maintain F-1.

Also, unless you tell your DSO there is no way USCIS will automatically deem that your F-1 is gone.

So in conclusion, there is no AUTOMATIC way that your violation will cause F-1 to go away. But if you want to maintain F-1 and want to have no dirt on it, its better not to use TPS EAD.
There is also something called hardship waiver that you can apply for, consult your DSO. However if you use your TPS EAD and tell your DSO, the DSO is obligated to terminate your SEVIS.
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@pyackman. Thanks a lot. But what does it mean by taking both statuses simultaneously? Is it just status (TPS by itself and F1?) or you can you work (use EAD) and maintain F-1?
AJ Joshi
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The stipulation for F1 and TPS are independent and exclusive. Having TPS does not give you the liberty to work outside the conditions given by F1. Now this is only applicable if you still want to maintain F1. Since you have TPS, you do not need to maintain F1. Working under TPS is legal. However once you use TPS EAD you will lose F1 and be on TPS only. This technical violation of F1 however does not accrue illegal status.

So basically want to play by the rules and maintain F1, do not use TPS EAD. If you don't care about maintaining F1 and only TPS status is ok with you, go ahead. If you want to risk it and use TPS EAD, maybe not tell DSO. Shouldn't be a problem until the DSO finds out because only the DSO has the authority to terminate your F1 status in this situation.
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