Need some serious suggestion on Traveling to Nepal on Advance Parole
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Tyau Bau
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Sorry guys,
I have posted multiple post in past few weeks. I have Advance Parole and Work permit from TPS which is valid till March 2020. Still doesn’t have courage to go Nepal. I think going to Nepal is easy but returning is scary whenever you think about it after you stay in USA for more than decades. I had applied for Asylum in past and never opened the case again after if was “intend to denied”. Stayed in f1 after that and was also out of status for more than 180 days. Had also applied for Adjustment of status in the past but denied due to being out of status.
Currently in tps and never had any criminal records of any kind.
Manko Sathi
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no prob go ahead
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There will always be a risk factor, with any visa or any parole program. A majority of people with advance parole have entered successfully but I have also heard about a couple cases which have been stopped. Like any decision in life, it will always have a risk factor. So the question is how much do you wanna go home.
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You need to travel..after that ur record will reset and Adjustment of status will be possible without any problem. you must travel be sure you will not face any problem until and unless you have a criminal record. 
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Easily no tension
Tyau Bau
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Thank you everyone. That gave me some courage
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If this helps, Last month travelled using AP for 20 days. But I did not go to Nepal or was ever out of status. Entered through SFO point of entry without hassle, in fact it was shortest interview I ever had with cbp officer ever.
Manko Sathi
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go ahwad dn worry
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