kta kt ho don’t buy house
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Recession has already hit USA. Don’t buy house unless you wanna loose your hard earned money.
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"Just don’t buy now. You will thank me later." WTF. this recession has nothing to do with housing like 2008. In fact, housing price may continue to rise in coming recession because limited inventory. Interest price are bottom low and why don't you take a advantage of it?
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Sounds good call your realtor and the banker right now and tell them a guy, who dont know who he is or what kind of credibility he has told you not to buy a house right now in a Nepali website called
Sexy In Sari
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For example, in Maryland, Montgomery County,

Most houses are 40 to 60 years old, and two bedroom and two bathroom house size of 1700sqft are selling for $525 K...that means more than half a million dollar...yes price is more than half a million dollar.

And property tax is sky high as well. Water bill will kill you. House insurance, Electric Bill.
its old house, water pipe, and shit pipe , who knows when it will break.

YOu need four adults, each making earning of $55,000/yearly to live in that house.

Interest rate is totally bs. Trust me. Its the over all expense in a month that counts.

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Oh really , so people in Maryland live in the forest ? Yyat auntie
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"You need four adults, each making earning of $55,000/yearly to live in that house."
=> can two adults making 100k each yearly live on that house ?
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‘40 to 60 years old, and two bedroom and two bathroom house size of 1700sqft are selling for $525 K’
Must be inside trump towers
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@Rambrooo you should check out NOVA area...
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@Sexy in Sari,
Yes you are right that on those expenses but if you are renting your landlords are already calculating those amount and charging those as your monthly rent + >1% cash flow of their investment. Also keep in mind that your rent WILL keep on increasing on top of inflation but your mortgage will be flat. 1/2 million, 1 million or 1.5 million are just numbers. If you are living in HCOL area you will be paying more and you will be earning more. It's as simple as that. In SFO, you will be paying 1 million+ for 1500 sq ft house but your income will be also 200K+/year.
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Mortgage rates are lowest in many years. 2008 recession  was due to housing crash. But, it’s much different this time. We could see recession due to other reasons but possibly not cuz of Housing. I think housing is going to rise steadily. Housing prices right now is similar to what housing prices were back in 2004. It could continue going up and no one can time it out perfectly, it’s just a luck.
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I just refi my mortgage from 3.9% - 3p yrs to 2.875 % - 15 yrs with just a little points and the saving over the long term is great. I know some frens who bought houses last few years had very high interest rate (>4.5 in some case). This is really a good oportunity with some significant saving potential.
Take advantage of low interest rate, rather than guessing the future. Live at present.
Look, the reality is -- most of us nepalese, even if u get laid off or lost job or in tough times, we rather deliver pizza or work 60 hrs in gas station or something before giving up for bankruptcy. No risk it, no biscuit :)
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Which bank gave you 2.875% - 15 years ?
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Same question here. So far all the big fish is willing to give only 3.20% with at least 3K in closing cost. @clickNdie, could you please tell us which bank you talked to?
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Dexter, shop around and match broker rate with big fish banks. They can’t deny potential customers
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Frustu & dexter, sorry i just stop by here.
I was able to match the rate from loandepot with my original lender, bofa. I got it locked that rate for 1400 refi fee plus 3500 in points. I got substantial amount of discounts with refi fees, specially because of the fact that i m their 12+ years customer with other protofilio attached like 401k n stuffs with Merill lynch. Of course each individual condition is different but the point is you all should be able to get below 3% ( with some points) or ballpark of 3.2 ( with 0 points). Do some maths, play with numbers and if it is makes sense. In my case, my mo. Payment went up by $450 ( i was paying 500 extra anyways) but saved a bunch with interest & about 10 years. Now going down to 15 years vs staying with 30 yrs OR mandatory higer monthly payment vs voluntiarily paying extr....those are different topics for debates. This is about rate, should you go down and decide save.
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Got 3.12 for 330k house.Also got 7.5k grant... I think perfect time to buy house.
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kta kt harule yehi kura bujena.
1. Kina interest rate sasto bhayo?
2. Kina downpayment pani bank le tiri dinchhu bhanchhha?


Dimag laga pasa dimag.
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Soon the value of the house will drop by 25%, so do you wanna pay 25% more or less?
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Rambroo, what kind of grant were u able to get?
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Spiritual, price drop in cities like San Francisco or Manhattan doesn’t mean it’ll fall everywhere else. Those cities have been unaffordable and price has gone up too much there, so it had to come down some ...
in other growing cities , price will continue to rise . Houses are cheaper than 2007 .. Now Compare the land prices in Nepal in 2007 Va Now ?
Houses in US are still much cheaper. Imo
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