Are you looking to accelerate your Career in IT?
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Shashi Thapa
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Anyone looking to accelerate their career in IT?

We are currently looking to provide training & Placements in

1) Angular Developer role (starting soon)

...... with continuous support

Micro Logistics Inc is one of the established/branded companies in the IT world. We are providing enhanced & customized IT solutions since 2011. We train and do placements anywhere in US as well as we provide continuous Job support. We accept any visa status USC/H1B/OPT-EAD/CPT/EAD-GC/TPS EAD.
Please call me at 410-869-6124 or email

Micro Logistics provides enhanced & customized IT solutions using cutting edge technology. With top-notch expert team, we deliver and obtained excellent qualitative results in each complex projects. Our simple motto is the value added optimization and specialized solutions.
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Kaam na paunjel yeso garnu hola, kaam payepachi pani garda huncha. Plenty of extra income. Amazon ma review lekhnus. Saman pani free ma aaucha ani commission pani paincha. Mero monthly lag bug 1 hajar kamai huncha. Afulie na chaine saman sabai Facebook Marketplace ma sasto ma bechdinchu.
Signup garnus 
Amazon account link garnus 
Saman kinnus 
PayPal marfat refund ani commission pani

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