Parents DS 160 questions, do you need the invitation letter in hand
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I am about to graduate this December and want to invite my parents over for my graduation. I have the invitation letter from the University ready and was wondering how early should it reach to Nepal. I heard that currently there is 1 to 2 months wait time to get the visa interview so it seems like they need to get the date asap. I also heard that the invitation letter is required to get the date. Can I just send the scanned copy of the invitation letter to Nepal while they get the date, and let them present the original during the interview date.
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Yup, the scanned copy of the invitation letter will work. No need of sending the Original one as far I know.
I know the embassy does not require any other documentation besides the invitation letter, appointment confirmation letter and I think receipt of payment, I suggest you to send a copy of your status (May be copy of i-20, showing you are graduating soon) just to be in safe side.
Hope this works.
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