Planning to travel with Advance Payroll
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Tyau Bau
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Hello everyone,

Just need a suggestion and some information. Had anyone travel recently on AP. I had to renew my I94 and wanted to travel Canada. Don’t want to go Nepal and take a risk.
I have AP valid till March 2020. What kind of other document needed to travel and come back. Also, I was out of status for more than 180 days due to which my Adjustment of status was denied. I talked with lawyer and they told me found out if anyone have travel recently without any issue and renew my i94 for resubmission. Lawyer also told me that since tps was auto renewed from court and if the decision comes out while I m outside in USA all my documents will automatically cancelled.
Help needed.
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All you need is travel docs and passport. Even if the judge ruled against TPS injunction, you should be good until March 20 2020 to travel back. Do not rely too much on lawyer ,sometimes you know more than they do. Speaking of who can travel back to US w/o any issue, it’s only US Citizens.
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I traveled recently with my Advance Parole and all i had to do was to wait in the secondary inspection room for 5 minutes and they stamped my passport and advance parole and said have a good flight :)
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@sexyindhakatopi, how could office said have a good flight while stamped in your passport and advance parole? Are you talking about recent traveling or returning back to USA?
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Prob AbuDhabi POE
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Yes my recent flight back to USA, the officer was nice and friendly! My POE was Toronto
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Go ahead, life is full of risk, high-risk, high gain. I had no problem returning back. if you were not arrested or had any bad records you should have no problem. Do not listen lawyers too much. DFW POE.
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Hello everyone i need some serious suggestions so i was on removal proceedings and i applied for assylum which was denied and later i administratively closed my case witt TPS i applied For AP and it was denied. USCIS said that even though my case was administratively closed it wasnt terminated. I think it was denied because i shouldn’t have applied AP for Nepal. I am thinking to reapply for AP for India . I am not sure if it will help it get approved. What do you guys think ???
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I travelled in August, did not go to Nepal, POE was San Francisco, Fingerprint with Immigration Officer, 5 min wait in secondary inspection, 30 sec with second officer, Arrival Stamp.
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@Tyau Bau & make sure it is Advance Parole not Advance Payroll... Advance Payroll might jeopardize your return to Amrika at POE. 😂
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@ mangale thanks for making my point.... you should be fine to return with valid advance parole not with advance payroll. You have to be clear in this consepection first!
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