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I applied for I765 TPS EAD with previous notice of action letter for TPS (end 6/24/19) with EAD application but I got a rejection notice saying "The eligibility code you provided on your I765 requires proof that an I-821 has been submitted. Please submit your I765 with a copy of your Form I-821 receipt notice (I-797)". Has anyone got this issue? I thought we don't need to apply I-821 again if you have registered in the previous windows?
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My first guess would be, it's A-12 category that you need to file an application on. There is another category, I think it's C-19 or something which is for the first time TPS filing and requires both I821 and I765 application. But once you get a TPS approved you file I765 with A-12 category stated on your application.
Coz in my facially expired EAD it says A-12 Category and my application to replace EAD was approved a month ago where I used the same A-12 Category. Please check your application if you have the PDF and confirm that you have the right category filled out.
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I did file using A-12 category. So I shouldn't need to file I821 again right?
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What delivery address did you send it to? They had listed diff addresses based on carrier. For delivery via USPS, it was a pobox. for other carriers, it was a diff address. Mine was returned and then I sent it to the address they had mentioned. second time was a success so yeah these things matter. Best
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@7TraintoJaxonHTs I sent it to the USPS Chicago address. When it got returned, did you get a rejection notice saying you need a receipt of I821 application? And did you include the green slip that they ask you to put on top of all the documents? And what address did you send? Did you use the same application that they have some kind of code printed on the bottom of documents or you printed a new application?
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This is the mistake I made: Both the times I sent it to the address below. but the first time, I picked USPS as a carrier. Below is the address they have stated if u pick any non usps carrier. Realized my mistake and called uscis customer service, they had no record of any documents received. The 2nd time around i sent it to the same address but via Fedex.within a week i received receipt notice.
I received the returned package(my 1st package) after my second shipment.

131 S Dearborn - 3rd floor
Chicago IL 60603-5517

hope this helps
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if u use USPS carrier then the delivery add should be

P.O. Box 6943
Chicago, IL 60680-6943
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@chelseafc what green slip are you talking about? I am having the same issue. I sent 3 weeks before and no receipt, no text message and it's not on their record but the tracking number shows that it has been delivered. I sent through USPS to this address:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
attn: TPS Nepal
P.O. Box 6943
Chicago, IL 60680-6943

And I did include last TPS approval which was valid till June 2019 and I heard we don't have to reapply. And there was no bar code. I used the application which shows 5/31/2019 expiration because that's what I found on the USCIS website. I am very worried, might have to quit the job.

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What expiration date is listed in your most recent EAD card?
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