US upcoming recession --- is it good time to buy house when rates are low or is it good time to wait recession?
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US upcoming recession --- is it good time to buy house when rates are low or is it good time to wait recession?
Anyone buying home now?
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record oil and gas are being produced and exported around the world....might save the ekonomy from diving
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Not in the beginning of recession, await until the simmering sign of recovery shows.
Tyo Din
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I don't think there are any solid signs of recession right now. It's only hype. @ Nepalifilm1, I feel it is best time to buy house, take advantage of low interest rate.
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You never know. We may be already in recession. It happened during 2007 financial crisis.
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“King of Israel,”Chosen one “ fat auk will not let the recession come.
Soaring stock price is pushing away the recession , guess who invests on stocks , all 10% wealthy people.
So they rich people never see recession.
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People are overconfidence in economy when recession is about to hit. There is a saying by Mark Twain - "History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes".
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There might be a recession, there might not be a recession. Recession might hit the housing market hard or might not. But this is definitely the best time to buy a house. Interest rate is significantly low around 3.5%.
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There is going to be really bad recession and mortgage rate will be below 2 % in 2045.
That may be the best time to buy a house.

If you are 30 years now, you will be 56 years that time. That's not too bad to buy a house and you will save tons of money.

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if you can afford buy it unless you are great investor or something!!
ramaelo Nepal
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La recession aayo jasto cha:
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Don't listen to fake news like CNN, CNBC, Fox. All they do is spread fear.
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A wise man once said "Time in the market is better than timing the market" the symptoms of recession are there already and if you are just buy and hold investor, most likely you are you should be good.
The same wise man also said "Don't make financial decision based on suggestions from internet".
Good luck on what you do.
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Khub recession ra cessation ko kura garni psuedo expert haru kaha vagae
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