Help: TPS work permit and never received receipt
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This TPS EAD is such a hassle. I filed for TPS EAD about 2 weeks and haven't received any receipt. I put that confirmation form (forgot that form number) and expedite paper as well. I used to get a message on my phone from USCIS but I haven't gotten for this one. I know some people will say there is nothing I can do but could you share your experience and your suggestions. I will have to quit the job if it took more than 70 days. Please also tell me where you applied it from. I am not sure if it makes a huge difference but I applied from CA.
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Keeping this thread alive .....
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Call USCIS. Happened to me when I applied for OPT, I send wrong money amount and then never heard back from them. I called them after 40 days and they told me that I send the wrong MO amount. They have sent back my application packet to my apt but the PO office returned the packed back to USCIS saying my address is invalid. In my case, I send wrong MO amount so they never send me a receipt notice in my email or text.
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@donut thanks for sharing your experience. That is possible. It's just been 2 weeks and it does vary sometimes. I don't want to take a chance. But do you think it's a good idea to check in in 2 weeks for a receipt? What phone number did you use and what do you think I should say? Please let me know.
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Call the USCIS customer service number, I'd suggest you don't wait and call. You should get the receipt number within 2 weeks especially with no federal holidays. I've been through this process so it might take a while and since the job is in line, I won't take any chances. I'd also suggest you check your mailbox just in case you receive the package back from USCIS.
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