Do I need a strong reason for Advance Parole
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I have to travel to Canada within the next 6 months and my old AP expired in June. I specially applied AP to travel to Nepal with a very good and genuine reason. Now, I have to travel for immigration purpose to Canada, but I want to enter and come back to US ASAP. Can I just file AP saying friend and family visit or say Immigration purpose or can you suggest any good way/reason to apply for AP?
If anyone has experience filing and receiving AP with very simple reason outside of Nepal. Please share your experience and help me.

Pashupatinath le sabai ko raksha garun.
Situ Manandhar
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I would say so No.
I personally know people who just wrote "visiting family".
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@Situ Manandhar: So, just mentioning "visiting family" was enough to get the AP? Or, were they denied on the basis of insufficient evidence of urgency? Thanks.
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Evidence of Urgency is needed when you are applying for advance parole with expedite processing such as one day- week! I wrote a letter explaining that I would like to visit my family for Dashain. They approved my AP already took about 1 and half month
Situ Manandhar
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@jhilke-dai yes, "visiting family" was enough... Took like 1 and a half month for the AP. Expedite processing would require some evidence. While returning, some people say that you have to mention an "important" reason at the port of entry but my mom, dad were not asked anything at all.
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Reason can be anything... such as family, work or study related.......
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