TAX: moving for a job expenses such as hotel and flight tickets can be claimed?
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How do I claim my expenses when filing tax next year? I took care of flight tickets and hotel expenses and everything else. Most of them are online, so I don't have paper receipts. How do I claim these expenses later? what about Uber expenses?
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You just report the total expenses, receipts not needed. Just be ready to show all the transactions if you got audited. Bank statements can be used in place of receipt.
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You can claim all those if you work in 1099 and not in W2.
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Thanks guys for the reply. I worked for a dhoti consultancy and I guess you know we have to be responsible for all those expenses. It happened this year. It looks like I can claim? what do you mean by 1099, not in w2? what do you guys think based on my case?

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And also will that money be reimbursement or balanced out?
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1099 is for independent contractor (you responsible for ssn/and others) but in W2 this is done by employer. If you work for indian company i guess stanadrad deduction make sense so nothing to do with moving expense claim. hope it helps.
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@ gaulejetho, does that mean, I can or can't claim in my situation?
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advice_7, you can't take those as deduction if you are working as W2 as you are working for a employer.
There are two kinds of deductions, Standard deduction and itemized deduction. With New tax, standard deduction is huge and most probably greater than your normal itemized deduction(if you work in 1099)
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Do not get confuse much! if you have mortgage interest of around million $ house, family, big donation, dependent care etc then itemized deduction fit to you so you can claim your moving expense through itemized deduction, in other case (I guess your case) its wise to go with Standard deduction so get better refund. I was volunteer in IRS low income tax file services so learned something and trying to share with you but i am not the EXPERT.
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It's clear now. Thanks!
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