buying home ( first time buyer )
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mula bank ley ghar kin ghar kin , ur already approved for upto 420 K home loan at 10 % down bhancha. suru sura ma limited time offer bhanera mail ai ra thiyo ignore gareko aile call garera voicemail ma message chori ra cha rate is competitive but 30 years fixed term cha.. maina ko 1500 ni pardaina if they sponsor me 420 k home ... aba yo 1800 tierra apartment ma basnu bhanda ta 1500 ma basyo bhane kam sa kam katai investment ta huncha plus afno ghar ni huncha jasto lagcha...job ni solid cha tara GC china, cg banna aajai tanna time lagcha but this will not affect my job....
aba kuro k aayo bhanda yo bank haru ley temporary stay wala haru lai khasai loan dinna raicha , maile yo gadi kinda tha pako. 6 barsa ko loan lina at least 6 barsa ko visa hunu parne raicha. teskaran mero gc hune sathi ley 1.9 apr ma gadi kinyo maile 5.5 hale .. bank ley chai ur pre approved ni hoina already approved bhancha.. tara maile katai mortgage lai apply gareko china n since its a reputed bank the offer is legitimate... aba yo bank lai ma asthai bhanera tha napara ho ki, mero ramro banking record n ramro saving$$$ dekhera ho alamalla .. kasaile visa house kineko tha 6?? TIA
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I have been doing mortgage brokerage bro and most of my clients from South America are TPS holders and I am getting them a house mortgage , rates are same for everyone , also large number of Indian clients I get are Indians H1B so no problem there , if you are looking for solid rates and hassle free house buying process I can help if you need , my services are free , send me an email, there is no problem you can easily go ahead . Good luck
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this might be too late, but if it's not know the real cost of buying a house before your purchase one. Monthly installment isn't the only thing you pay. There are lot more.
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I think you need a little bit of research before buying a house. 420k ko home ma 10% down rakhyo bhane maina ko 1500 ne pardaina, really?

Where is property tax, mortgage insurance( you need this if you put less than 20% down), homeowner insurance, interest rate (between 3.5-4%), HOA fees etc?
If you buy a 420K house your monthly payment will be around $3000. Use the redfin calculator for more accurate calculations depends on the state you live in.
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