Turkish airline recent travel experience? Please share
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Hello all, anyone travelled via Turkish airlines from SF to Nepal recently? Please share your experience. Also, any idea if they provide hotel for long transit (19 hrs). Appreciate your help in advance. Thanks.
ramaelo Nepal
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I too need this answer, I have 21 hr transit.
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I flew TA from SFO to KTM last year. Very pleasant experience. New plane, good service, nice leg room and great food (alcohol included). Coming back I had about 25 hours transit. TA gives you free hotel and shuttle but you need to get visa (see below). Also the hotel had free dinner and breakfast which was great. If you have any questions contact them directly via Facebook messenger. They were very good at replying back.
You need to get visa from Turkish Airlines office (not embassy) located near Jai Nepal Cinema hall (visa fee is about $50 per person I think). I'm not sure about the process to get visa from USA though.
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ramaelo Nepal
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Thank you for the info Jonny. I too have 21 hrs transit while coming back.
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Thanks a lot Jonny. That was helpful. Greatly appreciated.
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Turkish airlines provides hotel in case of long transit. If you have valid passport and visa then won’t be any hassle. If you have AP then they might need some extra time to figure it out... good luck
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Nepali passport lai mostly transit ma hotel diye achamma mannu parchha.

hotel confirm garera jada samma, passport dekhera chhaina vaneko experience chha.

aru k vanne..

turkish ra etihad ma.
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Istanbul pugae pa6i...nikkai hidnu par6...ani Turkish airlines ko airport ko customer service ma pugin6..tallo talla ma..tyo office pugnu agadi 15/20 ota travel agency harlae hotel stay ko offer gar6n..ignore them...ani customer service ma pugae pa6i..they take passengers with long transit time (>8hr) to the hotel in the city which is about 30/40 mins bus ride into the city ...radission pareko thiyo...ani voli bihana they drop u back to the airport. Food is ok..keep some dry fruits...1 month transit visa apply garnu par6...20 dollar per person online hin6 tu la tu..then only u get to go out ho kyarae
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Tyo Din
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Visa Online apply huncha? Please explain the procedures. @ Lishur
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