what should I do with Dhoti consutancy when it comes to payment
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I have joined an Indian consultancy. Their payment style is so untrustworthy and different and I think all consultancies follow that because they have many layers. I was told it will take 2 months to receive my payment or more. Let's say I join some project on Aug 15 and my first check will be on around October 15th or around 30th October. Could you please share me your experiences and how does it work. This is so inconvenient and not getting paid for 2 months is not easy. I have to know because I want to be able to talk to them clearly because some of them are so cunning.

It will be very helpful. Thanks in advance
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Yup... kinda how they work.
Mine was like I had to wait for 1 month to receive the payment.
Part of the reason is like you stated different layers of vendors so it takes them time to receive the money.
Also, part of the reason is H1b... so even if you loose your project at later, they can keep running the payroll for next 2 months (in your case).
Also, part of the reason is they can use your money for other stuffs without even paying you any interest or possible interest they would pay to a bank if they needed to take loan for any reason.
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@tito-satya your first project first check arrived in a month? Mine they say it will take two months, is this normal?
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First pay in 1 month is normal and next pay would follow their normal pay period which could be every 2 weeks or every month.

4-5 weeks is possible but should not exceed more than that. Just talk to the manager, who ever is the boss there and tell the person that 2 months is not the norm and its normally 1 month everywhere else.

**Important to think about - how not get harassed by consultancies.**
These people will want to take you on their own ride, will say that they been in the business longer, and you should just be quite and trust them. You should just SPEAK UP (no one else can speak for you besides you) and let them know that pay period should be reasonable ra side ma euta dialogue - they should not be using your actual pay as their cash flow.

Be cool and confident about it.
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@pirka, this is interesting because some of my friends got their salary in 45 days. let's say they started working on their first project on 1st June and they got their first pay check on July 15th for 15 days. They told the consultancy kept their June month salary on hold and will give them back once they leave the consultancy.
I worked from 1st July till 26th July (exact 4 weeks) and for some personal reason, I had to quit. Now, the consultancy tells me they will pay me at the end of August or after that. One Dhoti even said why should we pay you when you are not working, they say one thing and they change. I will talk to the manager. If you have any suggestion on how to handle them please let me know.

Any good consultancy for a java developer and not pathetic like this? Let me know
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if they say " why they should pay you", just say, there is labor department and you are going to complain if you do not receive your payment (as you have already left them so saying that will not hurt you). Even say that you will file a legal complain with the help of your lawyer to USCIS. Dhoti ko saato jaan6a ani paisa din6a... yadi dhamkyaudaa pani diena bhane, go and file a complain against them. Bottom line is, you will be paid. Do not worry. Just show them that you know the legal things.
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@tito-satya and everyone else thank you for the help. I really appreciate it.
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