H1B denial
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international khiladi
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My H1B has been denied citing problem with my job , saying does not fall under speciality job market , any body on the same boat , I applied as an IT candidate ( developer) , anybody received their H1B in IT? Is my consultancy messing things up , my consultancy says its USCIS crieteria , I still have opt so thinking about changing field , I am not a computer science major but plan to study computer science for masters anybody out there has any good idea to get my H1B , any employer sponsoring except for consulting job
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kun degree rahecha afno.. yah these days they are really picky on educational background and job field. Baru aba jhamela ma parnu bhanda OPT samma kaam gari.. Masters chai IT mai garnu bro.. 2 choti nai STEM payincha.. until and unless new rule comes up.
international khiladi
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mathematics ho , Consultancy is saying keep working they gonna try next year I don’t wanna waste time , kasaiko H1B vako cha through consultancy , I don’t want to rely on false hope baru masters apply gari halchu vanne plan gareko chu ,
Khate ko jasto stupid laws for student very fraustrating and life damaging
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dnt be a milking cow for consultancy, maintain ur status, find a cheap n flexible uni get in track, with mathematics degree there is no way u can get h1B as a developer , u have some hope in data science but little hope is no hope. get a software degree u can get upto 2 stem. hopefully political scenario changes that time.
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international bro,
kuro testo ho bhane.. regular OPT ta tension chaina.. 1 year samma kaam garda huncha but i doubt it ki ahile ko kaam le STEM OPT extend hune chances pani alik kaam nai dekhu as your occupation do not match your degree. I see that being denied as well.. If you see any chances on getting that STEM OPT renewed, then yes you can work, but again H1b approval chances are very very slim as you have experienced recently. Baru college nai jada huncha Computer Science background banauna.. but as previous user mentioned.. if you get into Data Science and Analytics.. then yes Mathematics would make sense and everything would be smooth.
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