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Has anyone traveled using the one way nepali travel document? I lost my passport and need to travel back soon and was given the option to get a one way travel document. Does anyone have experience and what type of issues might happen?
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You should be fine traveling with nepali travel document back to nepal. Based on my close friend experience
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Thanks for the info. I am hoping no issues as well. When i saw the document all it was is a printed page with a photo saying let this guy through so was curious if this would cause any issues at all.
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Anyone else have any info or experience?
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avoid arab countries including turkey make it through china for any future reference. absolute no trouble travelling via china southern or air china .. arising issue depends upon ur immigration status ur public records n so on. u might be genuine in ur case but people lose their passport with some intent .

reason im saying avoid arab countries for your transit is that people working in arab temper their passport for various reason , they get frequent interrogated, their company seize their passport n these people travel through travel document . so avoid further hassle n delays travel through china , u sud be fine
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