Do I need Advanced Parole if I already have AP from last year
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I applied for an AP last year and got one that had an expiry date of June 24 2019. I went to Nepal and came back during the month of Jan/Feb 2019. My passport has a US immigration stamp that says 'paroled till Feb 2020'. I remember the immigration guy saying that i can use that stamp till that date. I have to travel to Canada this time around. Do I need new AP or can I just show that stamp and enter while I return? Since the TPS automatically extended till March 24 2020, does the AP also automatically extend till March 2020? Thanking any suggestions.
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You need to apply for a new Parole!!! They wont let you in until you have a new parole with March 24 2020 expiration date.
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Check the expiration date in the AP it must say 6/19/2019 even though it says Paroled till Feb 2020. Yes you need new one
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I thought you need new AP for new country? Correct me if Im wrong.
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You need AP when you leave United States and plan to come back and it doesn't matter which country. As long as you have multiple entries AP you are good to visit any one of them :)
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Reached out Adhikaar, they were not sure too. It seems I'll need a new AP anyway. Probably AP doesn't extend along with TPS.
@PandeyJi - You can use an AP for any number of countries and for any number of entries given that it's valid and multiple-entry eligible.
Thanks @sexyindhakatopi and @mangale for the suggestions.
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The old AP works with land POE
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The reason you need a new AP is coz airlines wont let you board US bound airplane on expired AP. If you can manage to board a plane, the CBP will let you in with old AP.
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@Rukdhell - Have you heard of or known similar cases where people have used facially expired AP to enter through CBP? Thanks. It seems like i will save some monies.
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I would rather pay the $575 fee to get a new on than to risk traveling with an expired AP. Just my suggestion and this way you do not have to worry about will CBP let you in, or issue while boarding plane.
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You can’t come back with an old AP. You need to file for a latest one and AP does not get renewed automatically by the the federal notice as other documents do.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I just applied for a new AP like you guys suggestd. $575 chuna lagyo tara AP aaye kaam chahi huncha so still :)
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