IT Consultancy Dons and Donts
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Hello experienced people . before joining Indian consultancy can you please guide me some dos and donts ?
They are asking my last 4 digit of my SSN and Driver licence before training. i see this as a big no.
I am ready to pay deposit and sign a 1 year contract but to save myself from future legal problems can you please suggest me any ideas.
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Dont: pay for training, if they charge you that is their main business, take the easiest path or tech, just learn core things, copy others who stay late just for the sake of it. Most it NDA are hard to legally enforce, so when you decide to go full time know your rights. Dont pay 000s of dollars just to get out of the company. h1 fee is company responsibility.

Do: learn office etiquette and how to talk to others in a formal-semi formal setting, use basic office software and hardware (scheduling meetings, docking, email replies), check the companies h1b/gc application records, most nepali companies are only third party with no direct contracts.
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Don’t make this mistake any more yr future could be jeopardized , h1b being denied for consultancies , they will blame it on USCIS. Almost 99 percent out there are frauds who will keep making you run from one state to another looking for subcontractors who pay them well , your life is going to be messed up and time lost, greencard filing is like a dream and most specifically with nowadays h1b rejection IT consultancy should be out of the question, try finding job with yr degree, my husband joined an desi consultancy and was fired instantly , also go for entry level, these consultancies are money hungry putting 5 + years experience for no experience and make you wait 2-3 months until they find a high paying subcontractor somewhere in the middle of nowhere. H1b is getting rejected don’t fall for this scam career , some people are running around for past 10 years changing state every 6 months , don’t fall for any promise made by these consultancies , they will try to take full advantage of you.
Personal experience - h1b through own degree job beats these IT consultancies by infinity. Look exclusively for degree jobs ,
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I agree with maxpayne. Before you join any IT consultancy DO diligent research about them on their immigration record for H1B/GC, ask with consultants about their experience who are already working for them, Don't pay $ for training especially if you have STEM degree and you are comfortable and confident that you can do job. Most importantly use networking, in today's world its also about "who you know" so, if your friend/relatives or anybody you know are in good position in company tell them to pass your resume to hiring managers.
Personal experience- My friend was already working for big corporate as Senior Developer and he used to go lunch with hiring manager from other department in same company where once manager talked about two openings he have for Associate Engineers (Junior Level). I was just one month out of college with my master's in IT with no previous IT related background/experience. Since it was for Entry Level he passed my original resume (no IT experience at all besides my masters degree ) to him directly. Of course I also have to prove myself then, Where I went through 3 rounds of interview (Phone+Onsite interview with manager then interview with 3 different Engineers) got offer next day and been working there for almost 3 years now.
Main thing is you want your resume to reach out to right people and after that its ALL on YOU. Don't be shy to ask for help around, we all need help at some point to lift each other.
Good Luck

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Don’t pay for training, instead learn yourself , you will learn more and be ready for job

1) Go to
2) Take Spring Boot REST web services complete course from non indian teacher
3) Take React or Angular complete course from non indian teacher
4) Push both these project on github
4) Create Resume with minimum 3 yr experience with Experience in Nepal, include everything you learned in udemy as roles and responsibility in those position and github link
5) Apply Job at Prime vendors like TekSystems, Kforce, Randstad, Softworld. I guarantee you will get 100k+ offer

Its same process in consultancies as well instead you will not learn anything in training, they will prepare resume with minimum 8 yrs and you will go to job with no knowledge and they pay you way less.

Ultimately its your choice.
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Thanks guys for the valuable info. Just a background i am a US citizen working on 9-5 jobs of different filed for 5 years . H1B and office etiquette wont be a problem for me . i am just trying to change career since my job is monotonous and i am looking for salary above 150K in long run and more challenge in job . . i have good knowledge on SQL and data visualization. I have also studied AWS basics and i am planning to go DevOps route as i have AWS knowledge and basic Linux . Reason i am not doing myself is i see it lot difficult to land interview applying online. i have tried multiple places but hardly any calls. even if i get interviews there is lack of confidence since i never worked in this field .
My plan is to work 1 year with Desi consultancy gather experience and apply entry level positions myself . lets see how it goes
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Since you are USC, so yes its a good idea to get your foot on Desi Consulatancy just to have some IT professional experiences and to build confidence for few years. I totally understand that landing an IT interview nowadays without any background is very difficult. Since, you have a high income goal in future which is really good but for that you need to work hard and spend hours everyday and utilize every weekends to learn things and keep practicing. Bright Software Developers/DevOps lands job easily because demand is too high and they can negotiate for whopping amount $$$$

Good luck!
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