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Came as student never went out of status until I got TPS NOW applying for AOS on marriage based and just want to make sure I am filling right forms. Form I-485, form I-130, form I-131. Since I already have work permit through TPS do I still need to file form I-765 and I already have job do I still have to file form I-864?
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a) only benefit of filing I-765 is its free and if approved it works as combo card for both EAD and AP
b) I could be wrong but I think l-864 is required for all AOS application except Employment-based
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But for I-765 it says filing fee is $485 it’s not free.
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You don’t have to pay fee for i-765 and i-131 if you file under c(9) category which is adjustment of status.

Page 23

Initial EAD. If this is your initial application and you are applying under one of the following categories, a filing fee is
not required for:
“12. (c)(9) or (c)(16) Any current Adjustment of Status or Registry applicant who filed Form I-485 on or after July 30, 2007, and paid the appropriate Form I-485 filing fee. If you file Form I-765 separately from your Form I-485, you must also submit a copy of your Form I-797C Notice for Form I-485, as evidence of filing Form I-485 on or after July 30, 2007, and payment of the appropriate filing fee. If you did not pay the appropriate Form I-485 filing fee because your filing fee was waived or you are exempt from paying it, you must pay the Form I-765 filing fee or request that the filing fee be waived; and”

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