Asylum got rejected
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one of my friends applied for an Asylum and it got rejected more than a decade before and he got his degrees and worked in small companies in a business field. No body sponsored him. He hasn't traveled after. He is thinking to reapply for asylum but i heard it's not easy these days and he is in status but if this time he gets rejected he will lose his status and it will go to a court? Has anyone gone through this? Please provide your suggestions.
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It's easy as hell. I personally know 20 Nepalese who got GC through asylum after Trump became president. They came illegally via Mexico.
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even for people who's asylum got rejected?
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Your friend still can apply but it might be very challenging for him/her to establish the credible fear. It seems to be extremely difficult and complicated for your friend to qualify but does not hurt to re apply though. I am not a layer by the way...
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that's a bummer because if it didn't get approved. He will lose his status.
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If he is in status, his case won’t goto court if his application gets rejected again. He will back to whatever status he has today.
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Sponsor garni company khojna mildaina ra?Ke status ho ra sir ko?
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@hanuman1, he just graduated, on OPT but he will be using TPS once his OPT expires.
@Gmajor and Pepsi, I thought first time it goes back to the old status but the second time it goes to the court and you can also lose your status right?
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