TPS Advance Parole process
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Hi Sajha mitra haru,

I was thinking of going to Nepal this year in TPS. Kindly let me know what is the process to apply for Advance Parole for the first time. Also, I do not see anything mentioned in the new Federal notice which is extended till March 2020. Is it possible to get AP in this extension period?
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In addition to the above question, will there be any hassle while coming back with an AP card?
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You should apply the AP as the federal notice does only apply for TPS and EAD. Don’t forget to copies of last EAD and TPS approval letter along with the correct fees. Traveling with AP or Combo card does not have any hassle besides you have to go to the secondary inspection for different stamp so called parole stamp. Waiting times might be vary during the secondary inspection. I travelled many times and went very smooth.
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Yes like Gmajor says plus two passport size photos, previous tps approval notice, EAD card,etc. I applied last week, they sent text notification after 2 days and online status says case received. I am thinking it will take 2 months for me to receive the card, hopefully it will approve. I traveled on AP last year, they will take you to secondary to stamp the parole, no question asked at LA POE. 
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Gmajor and Mangale thanks for valuable info. I will apply this month.
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Do you need to also apply for a new EAD too or just AP is good enough for travel?
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They never looked for EAD at POE in my case, just a AP document.
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Just a curiosity, has any one traveled to any other country besides Nepal with their TPS, Advance Parole Document ? If yes, to where and What questions were asked in the Port of entry to the US ?

Thank you.
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Did u go nepal or still waiting ?
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I am typing from Nepal right now ...such a nice country :)
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check this thread out:

I have just send out an application to Dallas PO.Box Last week with amount $575 and 2 passport photo. In that thread u will find all detail info.

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Card chaiyo bro thanks for info... I have already traveled. dont worry there is no issue. Have fun :)
butternut squash
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You got to test negative to enter USA now.This is going to be effective from Jan 26 . Otherwise they will send you back to Nepal.
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